The distraught Watcher

Along my way through London i entered this House, everybody told me not to go in, but i was too curious and so i went into this room..

Silence all over.. no piece of sound was hearing, just a sence of dead in this room…

you might get goosebumps when you enter this room.. No one knows what happend and no one ever knows who was killing this already dead woman………

Jack the bed12345

CCB6 Event – Part 2

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on my way around London, i discovered this really scary Asylum. Those woman were so.. well.. i cant describe what i really felt.. They didnt say a word, they were only looking at something wich wasnt around.. Their view went into the darkness which was all around and they didnt react like humans at all…

Edana :-)

If you want to see those woman, visit this place…
Abnormal mode1


CCB6 Event Started! (Japanese Event)

ccb second life event

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CCB6 Designers

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Never Give Up
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The Knife was too sharp….

Hi Guys.. well.. this is something.. well not very amusing.. this guy probably was one of the victims of Jack the Ripper.. his fault.. he was at the wrong place to the wrong time..  a Sailor who wanted to enjoy the Pubs and the Girls but now he lays down on a stretcher and is one victim who cant tell what he saw….

if you want to look after that place… take flowers to salute him for his last trip…


To take flowers and sent him your last wishes >>>

the knife was too sharp12

The Coffin

poor lonley girls were slaughtered in London from Jack the Ripper.. No one saw him, no one ever talked to him, no one was a witness of his very bloody crimes…

Edana :-)

Do you want to explore the scenery?  Only one footstep away >>>
The Coffin  Jack the Ripper1

Jack the Ripper in London

Hi Guys.. iam back again..

…with a new story about a historic, mystical  and awful character which never really indentified or found. I think everybody  allready heard about this story and now there is a smal place where you can meet all the places in London where he slaughtered poor lonley girls… i will show you some photos and i really recommend this little place..but you need strong nerves.. 😉


Meet Jack here >>>

Jack the ripper 324

I wanna drown my sorrow

Primo Mode


.:: ♫ Mad World ♫ ::.

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Horses : Just Animals Horses – Mesh – Full…

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Let’s fly high!


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What Do You See

What do you see 1Lookbook

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Was it all in my fantasy ?

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White Iverson









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Drifting Far From You

Rough And Edgy


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L’Etre – Contemporary Hall.