Extreme Halloween Makeover by Risika :)





dress + shoes – Automnish from *diavolicious* – (0L$ – group and subscribe’o’matic gift)

hair – Hair 2010 Halloween Gift A from KMH – (0L$)

skin + shape – Skin Melody with shape from Crystal Skin – (0L$ – lucky board)

eyes  – Damage Chance – Barcode from Damage Virtual Clothing for ILTBH – (0L$ – hunt gift, hint:“Find the cage with the velvet pillow.”)

bag – Pumpkin bag09/BL from SEY – (0L$ – group gift)



8 thoughts on “Extreme Halloween Makeover by Risika :)

  1. You’re right 🙂 I took a photo of her today, so I will put to the post in a sec. 😀 She liked makeover very much 😀 She is very cute girl so new image is good for her 🙂

    Yeah I agree – noobs looks are terrible 😛 But it’s still better from a noob look when I was born 😉


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