Jovy for #2 Challenge!

  • HEY! I DID IT!
    Sorry for the guys, maybe the almost items on that pic are no long available. Lot of things on my “bagunçário”, I could find nice things there haha! It’s like museum of sl, laugh~

Hatphone: Spiders Design *old hunt gift item
Skin: Mother Goose’s, David LB
Pose: Izumiya * free
Shape: Mother Goose’s, Papa ShapE * old gift
Skybox: aju, tori box * free
Coffee cup: ::LEO-NT:: * free, ps: group fee 60L
Shirt: MAKNIE  *new LB: TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRTS (love the title,lol)
Shoes: Adjunct *MM gift, still available?
Pants: Syaka *The store was closed on October 31.

Took a long time to take the pic of my boy but now there is him. What do you think 😀 isn’t so pretty boy? ahahahhaha

I made a little story too, have fun!

6 thoughts on “Jovy for #2 Challenge!

  1. Ahahhaha yayy bigaaaada ❤ participa também katis! vc tem akele morenão nindaooo q eu apaixonei tb, uuuuuuy hahahahahah ta mais atraente do que os homens verdadeiros do sl kkkkkkk


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