Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Haaallon! Are you happy today? haha. I hope YES! Well I come to talk in English today, lol. So I wanted to know if you are having trouble in read that blog in Portuguese using the translator on sidebar. You didn’t known about it? Of course no, yes?! lol. It’s NEW here on Bagunçário. Do not forget to use it if I write my post in Portuguese. I hope you all are enjoying this blog which WE made with FULL OF LOVE for you all. And I want to say Thank you so much for the Bagunçário’s bloggers too ❤ for blogging always very nice content here.  I’m sure the translation aren’t 100% but we understand, lol.

Babai ❤

[ Leia em Português ]

jesylilo <3


  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::HoT:::*DarkSkin*J2(Makeup)* ( Shiny ) *nofree* Thank you ❤
  • Eyes:>IMANI< Ibiza Eyes Yellow *5L sales, available?*
  • Dress: Mimi’s Denim Dress *free*
  • Nails:* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Taste the Rainbow Nails *1L*
  • Jacket: izm.jacket 1st anniversary gift
  • Hair: *Hazzard* -Instance- Cocoa Brown Hair *free, LC* ❤ Obrigada Denise ❤

PS: The pose is from the AO, CHICA BOOM! by VISTA

3 thoughts on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. Hehe Thanks ! A post in English !! \o/

    The translations are horrible, but I guess we have to deal with it. Jesylilo skins are great, i love the lips 😡

    (added you to my bloglist as requested)


  2. Wheeeee! o/ lmao! Welcome to Bagunçário Archan ^^

    I could felt your happiness with the post in English haahhah So I will try to make the post in English / Portuguese, what do you think, huh, lol! Sucks the translator, lol!

    Aw Jesylilo’s owner is a awesome designer *-* I love the hot lips tooo.
    Plus, she is very sweet ❤

    ( Hey Thank you for adding my blog hon, mouakss ❤ )

    Lve & pce,


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