Pure Juice Event and Dj Kev


On the party with this simpatic and shy guy, Keven Pedalo!

  • Genre of music: Dancehall
  • Next event: 2nd Anniversery Bashment
  • Date:  07/03/2011 on 12:30 pm [SLT]
  • Place: Tropical Blaze
  • A message:
    It aint easy doin what i know but i believe in practice makes perfect.”
    – Hey ppl hope you all enjoy the party come and see … loooL!

– credits –

Heels: N-core – SENSE XtremeHeel ” (include socks *-*) GROUPGIFT!
Outfit: Gawk! for Pure Juice – Pink High Waist Suit <33 Tyvm!
Hair/hat: [Anaphora]_Sofeea_Mocha (unscripted) GROUPGIFT!
Drink: Fruit Cocktail by Tiki Tattoo (on the table, yummy) FREE!

PURE JUICE EVENT (March 5th – 26th)

Image from here

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