Wisky calls me.

Hello, how are you doing folks!

The FINAL seasons hunt just started, I ran to fri.day ❤ Look that such a lovely hair called Apple, so cutie and have others tones included too. And you, still not hunting? What are you waiting for?

Go at their flickr group and check the items.

When: October 15 to October 29th – Find: the pumpkins !

Happy hunting,

… and if you need some help, this is the group in-world!

Rose Lips


  • Deetalez: Tights – High waist skirt (sexy back) – Tops – Inner undies black *tyvm^^*
    (check the other pic to see the white version undies )
  • Maitreya: Shoes (subs. gift)
  • Candydoll: Skin (LoVe!)
  • fri.day: Hair (seasons FINAL hunt item)
  • Pink Acid: Lipstick
  • Connors: Doll – So cute! and just 1L, available in 3 types.

Whore Katy

  • T.Whore: NEW (FIRST) SHOES – Katy *tyvm^^*
  • Aitui: Ears
Bottom image:

  • Boon: Hair (past event item)
  • Foot: aDiva
My wisky!!!
Hey, I'm here, dear wisky.

Hugs ❤

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