Congratulations top 1 of 2011!

Hello! How are you all, doing well? I hope so ❤ Lot of rain today here. But it’s beautiful too. Many birds singing ^^ love it.

So, the top 1 baguncarian blogger of 2011 was selected by visitors! *CLAPS!*

The winner is our lovely blogger YUMI CHIUH!
Parabéns querida!

I hope you enjoy this award! Also if you want to put it on your sidebar. I just made other small awards too ❤ Click here to get it.

A special thank you for all bloggers who was with us on 2011. It was a wonderful year with so many special persons and very talented guys ❤

I’m very happy to had a chance to meet you all:

  • Gabriella Marshdevil
  • Antonia Millar
  • Bardiel Nubalo
  • Yume Cluny
  • Yumi Chiuh
  • Strawberry Feiri
  • Selena Mortmagus
  • Isabel Shriner
  • Kakaw Denimore
  • Risika Ohmai
  • Katien09 Erin
  • Zoe Jiersen
  • LividEye
  • Brenwey
  • Angel 

Now our team is:

Kakaw Denimore

Kid Cocaine

Justyna Magne

Yume Cluny & Stopaa Metuna

Renato Hartle

Yumi Chiuh

Just joined ❤ Welcome!

Nestag Itano

Nahura Kurosawa

Bimba Junibalya

Renan Mckeenan

With love,


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