Faith in White

Happy Week For You All ❤

Hello 🙂 Long time. Finally I think I find a great viewer to use and take pics. I didn’t know about this one. It’s called Singularity Viewer, very good one! I really recommend for OLD PCs. LMFAO! Next step is find a good viewer that runs shadow. HAHAHAHAHHA

Well, I’m really happy with my Bagunceiros! hahá. Did you see? We are having lot of visits everyday. YAY! I would like to share this happiness with you all, Adriana, Cloeh, Renato, Sydd, and Nahura ❤ Thank you for making this place special ^^

YOU visitor, I’m very glad you are here visiting us. We all make our pics with full of love to make your SL a better place ❤ Feel free to come here always! Also, do not be shy in commenting to our posts. IT really make a difference, isn’t it Bagunceiros? 😀

In the end, I have to say to forgive me to the designers for posting it all very late. But, I was really not able to take pics. Crashing a lot. I hope you all understand, and thank you for believing in my work ❤ I hope I could show it the best way possible ^^ Kisses.


Hair: Fab-u-Lous
Make-up: Pink Acid
Tops: Moncheri
Teef: Medley

Hair: Fab-u-Lous
Make-up and Leggings: Pink Acid
Tops and Skirt: Amerie *mesh*
Accessories: U&R Dogs (Facebook gift: Nails, Necklace, and Earings)

Especial Thank you for Nuba for this nice shot 🙂

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