Decor Therapy #02 – Hill of Our Home

A casa do mês de Agosto está aqui! Dando adeus a mais uma estação, não acredito que só temos mais 4 meses de 2012!

.:Lado de Fora:.
›› Prefab: {vespertine- metamorphosis house}
›› %napoliy%: Telegraph Pole 01 PK *not available*
›› {what next}: Amalfi String Lights
›› [mdrm]: open cafe table set
›› Teawood: morning coffee set – deep purple
›› *Y’s HOUSE*: DenkyLight01 (from OMISE001_Sink set 01)
›› LISP: Log Basket with Axe, Provence Shelf with Jug and Cloth (both for 10 lindens), Shabby Snail Mail
›› Kinokoko: Rusty Outdoor Lamp

›› LISP: Vine “Vite” Bistro Kitchen *MODDED*, Bistro Coffee Mug Empty, Vine Scales (all from Vine “Vite” Bistro Set)
›› *Y’s HOUSE*: Glass Shade Lamp02(old flower) *MODDED* (from Glass Shade Lamp set)
›› [STUFF]: SuperFreeze Refrigerator Dirty
›› nordari.: peachy ruggies. *FREE*
›› *~MMG’s~*: Kitchen towel rack (from *~MMG’s~* Kitchen mat+Towel rack) *not available*
›› (TokiD): heat supplier (from small warm skybox)
›› [MAGIC NOOK]: Shabby Mug Rack, Mug (Vintage Coffee)
›› POST: Esko Enamelware Coffee Mug, Esko Coffee Grinder (from Esko Enamelware Coffee Set)
›› bitter vanilla: Stacking mug
›› Baffle!: Teacup (from [Teatime.] – Aged set)
›› PLAAKA: Spice Set Rosemary, CinnamonStick, WhitePepper, milk bottle
›› Drowsy: plant Green *not available*
›› {what next}: Coastal Cottage Breakfast Room Cafetiere, Notice Me Memo Board – Kitchen
›› [*Art Dummy!]: stacked bowls, stacked plates (both from idle. (table set)), Tray bird. egg (from Bird. set)
›› BP*: eggs, wall shelf with bags

.:Sala de Estar:.
›› nordari.: me was used, weaved, brownish ruggies. *ALL FREE*, lamp.flowergarden (from box*FREE*), october.transmission
›› :CP:: Coppola Sofa
›› Abiss Interior: Library Wall with ladders
›› ++LP2++: Arm shell 2.0 Wood
›› (iTuTu): cushion-8 (from cushions set- [B]), Simple Leather Trunk
›› /artilleri/: magazine rack *wooden retro*, Lopolito radio *turquoise*
›› The Loft: Antler Chandelier (Merry Christmas Gift)
›› HBLYS: Book Set 2
›› LISP: Retro Modern Sideboard *10 lindens*
›› {vespertine}: magazines (from willamette table/after eight set), silent memories./frames – set 2
›› ~La’Licious~: Black Eyed Susan’s In Milk Can *not available*
›› Teawood: wooden bowls, dandelions vases 
›› Zigana: [ Chair .painted ]
›› [*Art Dummy!]: stacked books (from idle. (table set)), salvaged. (chairs, all colors)
›› Second Spaces: Kessel art print *SL House & Garden Hunt*
›› {what next}: Kendal Collage prints (from Kendal Occasional Chair & Collage Prints) *Hunt*
›› Picnic: Sewing machine desk remake
›› POST: Falun Apples and Pears

›› [*Art Dummy!]: reverie. (bed), reverie. (hatboxes) (all from reverie. (bed set)), wooden antlers and faux fur. (bulb with branches) (from wooden antlers and faux fur. (decor))
›› Zigana: Rug blue rug *FREE*
›› Little Boxes: Old Shelf with Frames *not available*
›› Picnic: 8.5inch retoro reco rack case – B, Picnic paperweight – confetti (from Picnic note&paperweight – confetti)
›› {vespertine}: alma chair/beeswax, willamette table/ after eight.
›› :CP:: Lost Journal, Love Letters, Hemmingway Typewriter
›› Kari: Gooseneck lamp
›› { ililo }: seedling a. (from { ililo } seedling)
›› blonde*: Princess phone ~ Off hook, Piggy Bank *not available*

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