Decor Therapy #03 – Polite Opening

Estou alguns dias atrasada, mas está  aqui a casa de Setembro!

Outono é a minha estação preferida então foi muito fácil decorar esta casa, na verdade eu queria colocar tantos objetos que me faltou prims!

.:Lado de Fora:.
›› Prefab[DECO] The Bourbon (modificado com parted de nordari. rain in east europe)
›› LISP: Copyable Lanterns Texture Change in a Box
›› :: AB ::: Love Shack Mailbox (pine)
›› *aG*: Tree of Witch Autumn
›› [ Organica ]: Work lamp – long *Four Walls Hunt*
›› Baffle!: [Crate Stack.] *Summer Harvest Hunt*
›› nordari.: wooden poetry. – chair_f

.:Sala de Estar:.
›› [*Art Dummy!]: love heals. (sofa vintage version), Bird. (egg tray), wooden antlers and faux fur. (mirror), reverie. (hatboxes)
›› nordari.: curtains *opening gift *, ruggies Rug Paisley *FREE*
›› {vespertine}: rikka fall coffeetable, ilent memories./frames – set 2
›› /artilleri/: magazine rack *wooden retro*
›› POST: Deco Coffee Table Book
›› Teawood: big wooden bowl.
›› LISP: Lolo Lamp Brown/Mustard, Lolo Rug Green-Beige, Lolo Retro Sideboard – Green 1
›› floorplan.: messageboard / turquoise
›› [SPRY]: hello shelf art *FREE*
›› :: AB ::: Wnter’s Warmth Glass Candle (lid off)
›› BP*: milk bottle2/flower
›› (iTuTu): petit leaf vine can, simple leather trunk -lay (L)

›› LISP: Mermaids & Salty dogs Kitchen, Mermaids & Seadogs Scales, Vine “Vite” Bistro Bar 1, Espresso Pot
›› [*Art Dummy!]: idle. (pompom flowers and vase), idle. (stacked bowls)
›› [STUFF]: SuperFreeze Refrigerator Dirty
›› [MAGIC NOOK]: Mug (Chick), Mug (Vintage Coffee)
›› *~MMG’s~*: Kitchen tools for hanging *not available*, Soup plate(6) *FREE*
›› {theosophy}: Stowe Spoon Holder SC, Stowe Cookie Cannister SC
›› bitter vanilla: Cans of tea
›› nordari.: ruggies brownish *FREE*
›› :CP:: Painter’s Armchair

.:Sala da Lareira:.
›› *Y’s HOUSE*: Glass Shade Lamp02(old flower) *MODD*, ID Shelf 04 [white/mesh] *Group Gift.*
›› {what next}: Kendal Occasional Chair (Homestuff Hunt Gift #52)
›› [noctis]: pile of books c
›› MIASNOW: BOOKS ~Murakami all books upright *FREE*
›› bananaN: Book w texture *FREE*
›› [*Art Dummy!]: idle. (stacked books)
›› HBLYS: Book Set 2
›› nordadi.: rugbies me was used *FREE*
›› PILOT : Traveler’s Map 4

›› {what next}: Falling Wall Decor, Blogger’s Office Accessories
›› nordari.: ruggies peachy, me was used. *FREE*, curtains *opening gift*, – room divider *FREE*
›› Agora: circus animal print *FREE*
›› {vespertine}: beauty of leaves/hanger
›› [*Art Dummy!]: here. (bed-white wood), salvaged. (chair in red)
›› *Y’s HOUSE*: Garden Chair 001(WP), Pouf KP/Khaki
›› [croire]: love storm wall decal *group gift*
›› BP*: Beaker 2011/plants
›› :: AB ::: Painted Stool Desk *Gift*
›› PILOT: Four Walls Hunt – Pipe Shelf v2
›› [noctis]: MESH Voodoo books
›› [AF]: iFall computer

›› {what next} Amalfi String Lights – white (non-scripted)
›› cluttered.: DIY chair (nest)
›› LISP: Dinky Wash Tub – Natural
›› b.v: Laundry basket (blue)
›› [mdrm]: bycycle[white]

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