Decor Therapy #04 – Some Point of Departure

Foi bem difícil retirar a minha aconchegante casa de Outono porque eu realmente me sentia dentro de um lar ♥
Eu queria criar o ambiente como se fosse uma casa de campo, então eu escolhi essa adorável casinha da Turnip’s. Espero que vocês gostem =)

.:Lado de Fora:.
›› Turnip’s: Home The Shoe Shiner’s House goldy shmoldy
›› LISP: Shabby Snail Mail Boxes Style 1 , Log Basket with Axe
›› *. emm ;: iron fences {autumn}
›› *~MMG’s~*: Stone path [B]
›› Zigana: [ Autumn leafy ], [ Paper lanterns ], [ Painted bench .workplace ]
›› [ Organica ]: Work lamp  *Four Walls Hunt*

.:Sala de Estar:.
›› *Y’s HOUSE*: Umbrella stand [KERO], Wooden Stool 01-b (PW)*Group gift*
›› {what next}: Wellies (rainboots!) – decorative only Laurel Mini Hallway Set)
›› nordari.: wet soil. rug, goldie. rug *FREE*, hold on, hold on.
›› (iTuTu): planter-02-m
›› (TokiD): heat supplier
›› insight designs: Box of Nostalgia
›› LISP: Anna Cabinet White v5, Steampunk Prints *FREE*, Sewing Days Prints *FREE*, Small Finny Plant, Bistro Fan
›› MudHoney: Priya Dressing Screen
›› floorplan.: chevron cubby gatcha / peach *The Arcade*, messageboard / turquoise
›› PILOT: Murrow Table, Pipe Shelf v2
›› Snatched: Promo Sofa *FREE*
›› SOIREE: Block Coffeetable L$1
›› Rarity Design: MacBoek Air
›› Hello, September.: Canning Jar, Newspaper
›› Baffle!: tea mug
›› :CP: Earnst TV, Painter’s Armchair
›› ++NODe++: iPad *FREE*
›› bananaN.: Book w texture *FREE*
›› MIASNOW Home: BOOKS ~Mystical Collection
›› ~BAZAR~: Vase decor

›› nordari.: and.birds *FREE*
›› Agora: Butterfly prints *FREE*
›› [North West]: Refurbished stool (mono), Triple frames on a string (white)
›› Magoa: Precious Keepsakes Lamp
›› LISP: rovence Shelf with Jug and Cloth

›› LISP: Coffee Time Prints, Herb Planter, Kettle Decor, Daisy in a Paper Bag Plant
›› { ililo }: a. Metal Chair – rust, , a. Metal Chair – green *The Arcade*, seedling b.
›› Picnic: Sewing machine desk remake
›› [STUFF]: SuperFreeze Refrigerator Dirty (boxed)
›› b.v: Toastter: (white Rust type), Cans of tea
›› POST: Falun Apples and Pears, Esko Enamelware Creamer, Galdur Coffee Can, Esko Coffee Grinder, Havamal Lagerol
›› [M*M]: milk carton set
›› BP*: Drowsy antique Canned Sweetened condensed milk
›› *~MMG’s~*: Toilet-plunger-red_1prim
›› d-lab: dungarees *GROUP GIFT*
›› nordari.: simple kitchen (modded)
›› {what next}: Notice Me Memo Board – Kitchen
›› !O Animal Spice Gatcha: [Noah’s Ark Dark] RARE, [MsPanda. Garlic Powder], [MsZebra. Wasabi Powder], [MrZebra. Sage],[MrRhino. Nutmeg] *The Arcade*
›› [ Organica ]: Work lamp  *Four Walls Hunt*

›› Trompe Loeil: Baroque Bench Poplar + Tan *The Arcade*
›› MudHoney: Priya Clothing Rack
›› *~MMG’s~*: 1prim Paper box_Y/G
›› *Tatty Soup*: Shabby Box Stack
›› :CP:: Love Letters, Lost Journal
›› POST: Deco Coffee Table Book
›› ASO!: Wood Shelf short
›› [ Organica ]: Work lamp  *Four Walls Hunt*
›› (iTuTu): tray set type C, cushions set- [B]
›› .:Hermony:.: Ashtray&Cigarettes
›› BP*: Beaker 2011/plants
›› nordari.: me was used. rug *FREE*
›› {vespertine}: lazy.spring.bed

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