LOTD – Casual

LOTD - GB Casual



Skin Deesses Skins: Sasha – cappuccino *new*

Olhos Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Bronze)

Cabelo .:EMO-tions:. * BROOKLYN*/black *new*

Boina [:S&V:] Bitch Force Beret (long)

Óculos [:S&V:] i-Shield Sunglasses No1 – Ultra


Colar +:+WTG+:+ **Gear** necklace *new*

Pulseira +:+WTG+:+ **Gear** bangles

Anel (mão direita) [7891.] Lisp Ring *new* @Marketplace 

Anel (mão esquerda) …:::Scrub:::… DP Cameo Ring – antigo item de caçada

Vestido ::GB:: Hoody dress-Knit *new*

Meias Izzie’s – Patterned Tights II torn

Mãos Slink mesh hand Elegant 1

Aplicador de unhas ..::Energie::.. Slink Finger-toenails Basic *new*

Bolsa Color.Me. H.O.F [TheOlsen[Black]

Botas ::GB:: Studs belt boots (Female) Leopard *new*

Poses Diesel Works – september gift pack free


Local: Olds AFB // Chirokitia Village


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