New event coming up!

theopenlogo          Hey, folks! How are you all doing? Do you know about The Open Closet? it is a biweekly discount event where dozens of designers come together to bring you high quality designs and rock bottom prices. Sale prices range from L$35 – L$75!!!
A new round begins every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. New Round Will Be Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday Of Every Month Which Means We will be closed on Monday for restocking. We will open Tuesday at 6am SLT. Take here the TAXI and check out FB page.

The Open Closet


Hair. Loq
Hairbase. NEW! Illmatic: Smoothed Baby Hairs (picture)
Skin. NEW! Deesses Skins: LARA #loveit!
Lipstick. HUNT! Pink Acid (info)
Teeth. NEW! Illmatic “The Normals” (picture)
Necklace. @Soho Market [7891.]
Earrings. NEW! Lethal Couture *PS. @mkt only 
Glasses. Illmatic
Tops. @The Open Closet Beauty is Pain Boutique
Skirt. @The Open Closet [IAF] *PS. Sales at the mainstore 🙂
Footwear. NEW! Latreia: Noel *PS. Available in spike, drops or starz style!
Pose. Plushberry

Special Thank for all my dear sponsors!

 deses owner-piinky-chrome 7930322826_68862f0891_m 7891  new-pink

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