To visit my Flickr just hit the pic below / visit JAPAN FAIR (charity event to help Japan of the huge tsunami in 2011)


This event is also a charity event where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to ShelterBox.
The Japanese people received support from the world through this organization in 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

Skin: New Faces – Mei Ying [NEW]
Eyeshadow: Deesses Skins: Fever – eyeshadow #10
Eyes: [CheerNo] Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#3 Free
Hair base: [LAKSHMI] GIft HB – JF2014 [JAPAN FAIR 2014]
Hands/ feet: Slink
Nails app: Deesses Skins: Slink Avatar Enhancement – Colored fingernails
Poses: Purple Poses


Look 1
Hair: Tukinowaguma Yukie [JAPAN FAIR 2014 / 15% DONATION]
Outfit: LAKSHMI-Oiran(LQ)-Miyabi 1/Kimono(All in 1) [JAPAN FAIR 2014 / 100% DONATION]

Look 2
Hair: Milk Hair~ Poppy Seed @ The Boutique (15 Apr ~)
Headband: GF Flower Headband -pink- Gift [JAPAN FAIR 2014]
Outfit: [LAKSHMI – KIMONO(LQ)]Alegria 02(Mesh Model A)/Salmon Pink  [JAPAN FAIR 2014 / 15% DONATION]

Hair: Milk Hair~ Holes in my sweater
Outfit: [LAKSHMI – KIMONO(LQ)]Alegria 01(Mesh Model A)/Black

Look 4 (front and back)
Hair: Tukinowaguma Yukie [JAPAN FAIR 2014 / 15% DONATION]
Outfit: LAKSHMI-Oiran(LQ)-Miyabi 1/Kimono Coat(All in 1) [JAPAN FAIR 2014 / 100% DONATION]

Look 5 (front and back)
Hair:  Tukinowaguma Yoshika
Outfit: [LAKSHMI]Oiran-Tamagiku/Mesh Model B(LQ)/Red

Special thanks to all my lovelies designers *_*

japan fair 2014Click the logo to visit in-world!
Hurry up it ends Apr. 20th

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