Leaders are born not created.

second life-fashion-gladiator-angel-wings

PERSONALLY….I loooooooove this post….we ❤ roleplay just opened and collabor88 will tomorrow too, this round is gladiator theme I believe and there’s some pretty dope shit at both events. I’m so bad with my posts -_- I the pics days in advance and am too lazy to just get on with them and post them, and then even lazier when it comes to credits…but this one, I had to do it straight away lol…I was just too damn excited :D.

SKIN// [the Skinnery] Quiana

EYEBROWS// [the Skinnery] Bushy Brows

EYES// IKON Ascension Eyes – Oxidation

EYELASHES// – DAMNED – Luscious Eyelash

FRECKLES// NOX. Sunspots

HAIR// ~Chimeric Fashions~ Coiled hair & Crown @ We  Roleplay

COLLAR// [The Forge] Twisted Collar @ We RolePlay

LEFT ARM BAND// [Keystone] Xani – Armlet @ We RolePlay

RIGHT ARM BAND// [LostJunction] – Tokiwa’s Treasures – Armband @ We  Roleplay

WINGS// [][]Trap[][] – Bronze Raven Wing @ We  Roleplay

ARM BRACERS// Noodles – Kara Leather Bracer @ We  Roleplay

DRESS// -Pixicat- Gladiator.Dress @ Collabor88

SHOES// -Pixicat- Gladiator.Shoes @ Collabor88

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