H&G 022

Shutter Field – Beach Set:

 You can purchase pieces separately at full price or buy the whole set at a discounted price (25% off)

 ♥outdoor window  – beach

♥pallet chair – driftwood

 ♥beach crate table – blue

 ♥decor piling – three

 ♥decor piling – with tube

 ♥jar – beachy blue

Shutter field – beach shed – white and green

Shutter field – sf beach shed – blue and white

Sari-Sari – Summer House – Sailor Shelf

Sari-Sari – Summer House – Beach Sign

Sari-Sari – Summer House – Whale Sign

PILOT – Hanging Shells [Neutral Mix]

PILOT – Nautical Piling Candles

Sway’s – [Kyla] Wall art . nautical knot 1 red

AF – Huge Fan Palm

AF – Seaside Candle

[we’re CLOSED] – weave basket L light – brown

~BAZAR~ – Arizona Floor pillows


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