H&G 043

Unfortunately, I could not publish this post before. I had everything ready before they finished the events of September, but I could not take the picture, because of problems with my PC. (My graphics card is on strike, not work. Lol).
We publish anyway.

7 – Cecil’s Bar-B-Q REVIEW

 – Your Future REVIEW

 – Unauthorized Personnel REVIEW

 – Post Office Boxes REVIEW

 – Explosive Gas REVIEW

 – Pharmacy Sign

 – Ice Machine

 – Lab Crates – Animated

Soy. – Medical Machine [gray]

Soy. – vintage wire shelf (Gray steel)

Soy. – Old laboratory table (black iron)

Soy. – Siphon of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove

Soy. – Old NAiS Lamp [brown]

Soy. – Beer bottle box

Soy. – Old laboratory chair

Soy. – Chair [in town of Camaguey] night

Soy. – Chair [in town of Camaguey] Poppy

Soy. – Wall decor [Continuous hoses] typeA

Kuro – Trash (black) w/ flies

.:revival:. – camp bed

[we’re CLOSED] ruined cottage

[we’re CLOSED] windmill

[we’re CLOSED] tree 01C bare

[we’re CLOSED] shrub bare

[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry 04 – random

[we’re CLOSED] old fence 2

Hideki – Triple Chair

HIDEKI – Elephant Cart

HPMD* Dirt Road – light brown

HPMD* Rock 2014 – light/L2

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