Robbery Homicide

Robbery Homicide



Robbery Homicide 2

An old acquaintance called me .. “Remember that favor you owed me?” In the back of my mind i’m thinking what can it be. Next thing I know we’re shoving one hundred grand and rifles into an old duffle bag. My stomach is doing flips. “Are you aware if we get caught we can get a easy 20 years in prison for Robbery Homicide…”

What I’m wearing: (Left Bottom Picture)

Hat: BUC – Clif Beanie – NEW @ Tannebaum

Pipe: Flite – Vintage Pipe – Black – NEW @ The Arcade

Chain: Urbano – Prayer Hands Necklace

Jacket: Realink – Coming soon

Pants: Mikunch – Rib Pants – NEWW @ TMD

Scarf: Tonktastic – Shemagh TT2

Shoes: SAYO – Refuge HiTops – Army

Gun: Benjaminz – Hunter’s Glock – Gold RARE NEWW @ TMD

Bag: BUC – Greed Dillinger Bag – RARE






Truck – Surplus Motors – H1

Trash Bags: BUC – Naughty Sack – Gacha – NEWW @ TMD

TV’s : BUC- Stolen TV – Gacha – NEWW @ TMD

Bag of money: Sorgo – Pile Of Euros Stack

Background – Rowne.1 Derb Assehbe. Marrakech & Rowne.Sestiere Dorsoduro 1517. Venice – NEWW @ The Arcade





What Sango is Wearing: (On the Right Bottom Picture)

Top – REPRESENT – Denim Jacket “Black Wash” – NEWW @ TMD

Jeans – <kal rau> Casual Jeans M4_Dark (store closed)

Shoes – [Shoeminati] DuckForceX – Black


Handgun: Benjaminz HUNTER’S GLOCK – BLACK NEW @ TMD

Mask – LAU – Black Visual Mask


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