About That Time

about time



Kitchen: Trompe Loeil – Finley Kitchenette – NEW @ UBER

Dog Food: [D]oki – Kibbles’n Bits

Dog Bowls: Lok’s Pet Bowl

Dogs: [sau] tool dogs – NEW @ TMD

Skybox Build: Tony // Structure – The Lofty Skyhaus






Hat: Monso – My Vintage Beanie Black: NEW @ TMD (Head and Neck)

Tshirt: Pumpkin – Basic Tee – NEWW @ TMD

Pants: Benjaminz – Classic Washed Denim w/added bandana and key gold – NEWW @ TMD

Sneakers: Vale Koer – Playoff Dunks – NEWW @ TMD

Skin Tattoo: GAJA – Vitiligo Pattern 3

Skin: Labyrinth Fox Skin – NEWW @ TMD


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