Ball is Life

















Items WORN:

Hat: Bad Unicorn – B-60 Strapback – NEWW @ TMD

Hoodie: Sabotage – Hockey Pullover – Black NEWW (Mainstore Release)

Pants: Vale Koer – Thermal Shorts – NEW @ TMD (Hud Controlled)

Shoes: Vale Koer – B-3 Runners

Shoe in Hand: Benjaminz – Drift – NEWW @ TMD

ToothBrush – Tooth Brushes with Colgate – Marketplace


Clothing Rack – bbqq – Clothes Rack V8 – NEWW @ TMD

Rack on Wall – Sari Sari – Sports Wire Shelf

Clock – Apt B // Chevron Clock

Shelves: Bad Unicorn – SK8 Shelve ( Previous round of Epiphany)

Radio: Pl$h – Boombox – Blue

Chandelier – Fancy Decor – Cone Chandelier NEWW @ TMD

Chair: 22769 – Bauwerk – Coat Chair

Posters By myself (unavailable)

Shoebox – Benjaminz – Drift Wine – NEW @ TMD

Clothes on Floor: tres blah – hodgepodge – Tossed clothes (Gacha)

Hat Shelves: Bad Unicorn – SK8 Hat Shelf (Previous round of epiphany)

Guitar in Corner: sau – Dhalif Guitar – NEWW @ TMD

Dirty Cups on the floor: Second Spaces – Party Drinks – After Party (Gacha)

Foot Stool – Pewpew! & Dubu – Kitten Coffee Pouf Black ( Found at Shiny Shabby)

Store Bags and Sneaker Box Stacks – found at Pl$h




Desk: Xin – Eva Bedroom Desk (Gacha RARE)

Computer: Stank – iMac

Bowl of Cereal – [*Art Dummy!] – Nourish Gacha Set (Store closed you may find some around on Marketplace if you’re fast)

GTA By Me ( Unavailable)

Lava Lamp: Pl$h – Yellow Lava Lamp

open Candy Bar: Commoner – Breakup Survival Kit (gacha)

Snickers: Chocolate Bar Snickers – Marketplace

Iphone and Graphics Tablet w/ pen – Kunst

Memory Sticks: Pile of Ramsticks – Marketplace

Mouse: Fayded – Graphics 3d Mouse Marketplace

Bottle of Beer: Free on Marketplace

Slurpie – Pl$h – Slurpee 7/11

Gym Bag – HX: Red Money Ball Duffle Bag – NEWW @ TMD

Candy Jars: Candy Canes and Licorice – Blind Fantasy


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