Storytellers Burrow…

Hi all adult…

you probably wonder why i call you all adult… well… on my travel through Devils Point i felt not like an adult anymore.. the second i was standing infront of this Bridge i felt something growing inside my Soul.. i think you all had this feeling before or once in your lifetime. I saw this sign and you can see it on this pic too.. Storytellers Burrow.. and when i was reading this sign , one second later i felt like a little child, curious, dreaming about an old man who´s  sitting in a much more older chair and having a huuuge book in both Hands and reading an old Story about a forgotten land, adventures, a prince and a princess, maby a frog or a Dragon or a mystical shimmering light which shows you the way out of a dark forest…

Discovering to see what the old man says.. dreaming about to be a child again.. let your Soul take part of this Story and visit Devils Point….

Let your dreams come true….

Edana 🙂

Fly to: Devils Point bird12


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