Is this the reason of Devils Point?

Hi Everybody….

as i told you that i continued my way through Devils Point and walked along the little road up to a small forest i saw this and i zoomed with my camera.. Jesus Christ!! What is this? Means what was this? Is this the reason why this place called Devils Point? I watched this “Thing” i would say it looked like a goat , but it didn´t moved at all, “it” was standing with the view on the river and nothing happend.. well this was a little too creepy for me and i tiptoed backwards to the small road again , still looking at this “Thing” and when i was far enough away i was running and i lost my way , didnt know where i stopped and i was breathing and thinking what happend just few minutes ago….

Edana 🙂

Think about it and when you are brave enough.. get your taxi to Devils Point 😉

The devil12


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