Lab: update you viewer and browser to ensure secure payments

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

secondlifeOn Wednesday, May 4th, the Lab issued an important announcement to Second Life users that as from Wednesday June 15th, 2016, anyone wishing to use the Second Life cashier service to send, receive, or exchange L$, must be using either a web browser or version of the viewer which supports TLS 1.2.

This is because, as I’ve reported several times in these pages (see here and here for background notes), the Lab is updating secure access to their cashier functionality to TLS 1.2, to comply with applicable US regulations.

As the official blog post posts out, the latest updates of most modern browsers should be TLS 1.2 complaint, as is the official SL viewer. All actively maintained Full Third-Party Viewers should also be TLS 1.2 complaint. However…

Again, as the official blog post states, the safest way to ensure you are using a compliant browser and viewer…

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