The Windmill

So here iam again 🙂

first of all, i had a good sleep and i took my taxi to  have a look what Devils Point is offering me today. I walked along the cliffs and few yards away i saw this impressive Windmill. A very good selection to built up this windmill up on the cliffs, because it was really windy up here and i took a photo and went inside.. but what was this? No one here? Nothing.. everything was very quiet and it looked like that nobody was working here anymore, but why? Everything was in a really good condition.. so well no one arround and i thought maby i will find someone who´s telling me why this windmill isnt working anymore and i continued my way down, looking for a Person who belongs to Devils Point….

to be continued…

Edana 🙂

If you like the wind and especially Windmills, make a trip to Devils Point…
Devils point windmill123


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