The Wait




collab done


Late night stomach cramping, Carlos said he would be here by 9 o’ clock. Takes a look at my phone its 10:09. “Hey Maison where’s your boy?  We need to get this job done.”  He walks over to the window slowly headlights from afar. “Oh! here he is now, grab the bags this should be quick.”


Items I’m Wearing:

Hat: Hxnor – Black 6ix Strap Back

Chain: FLi. – Thick Cuban Necklace Silver – NEW @ MOM

Shirt: titzuki – Off-shoulder / nothing

Pants: Represent – Yohan Knoll Shorts – Black

Shoes: Sabotage – Medusa Slides – Red – NEWW @ N21


To find out what Maison is wearing check his blog:     HERE


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