Boulder Paradise

Hey Guys..

This is Boulder Paradise, a small and i think a well done place to visit. I created this place by my own and my husband was very patiently, because it was not made in one day 😉 This is the first Picture of Boulder Paradise and i will show you some more in few days….

If you like to visit this place, just message me and i will make an appointment with you

Edana 🙂Home 1_0012345678


3 thoughts on “Boulder Paradise

  1. Hi dear Claudia, thank you so much for your compliment and of Course you can have a look at our land. What i Need is your second life inworld name, because we have to set the security. And i have to ask my husband what time would fit both of us. What date and time do you prefer? You can also drop me a notecard inworld. My inworld name is vvedanavv ( vvedanavv von caucaland ). Awaiting to hear from you much greetings Edana 🙂


  2. ist me again 🙂 Well my husband put you on the security and you can come any time you want 🙂 Pls Show me the pics, iam really curious 🙂 See you


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