The Armory

Thankyou for visiting my blog. The Blog is geared towards the new event Swag Bag sl which features 15 designers 15 exclusive high quality items. It’s not too late to join just teleport from the link below and get yours. Every month there will be a theme. The theme for the month is Heroes and Villains. Also The new round of The Men’s Dept starts in a couple days lots of goods stay tuned.








Mesh Head: No! Project – Artas Meshhead

Hat: Sorgo – Kear Beanie – Black

Jacket: David Heather – Villi Jacket – NEWW for Swag Bag!

Pants: Benjaminz – Faux Trousers

Gun: ASI – Paladin Revit

Boots: Bueno – Seattle Boots – Coming Soon to TMD (8-5-16)



No! Project – Eros 08


Skybox – Isil – Modular Sci-fi Room Kit

Armor: BackBone – Vigilante Armory – NEW for Swagbag!

Cabinets: Colette Chadbourne – Weapon Racks

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