The Chill Spot







The post I am featuring items from the newest  event on the grid called VERSUS. It is a really neat event setup like an arena and battle. Two Teams A & B battle it out for the win. It’s a voting booth directly in the middle of the arena where you will vote for whichever team you like. Very creative and different.




Mesh Head: Tellaq – Kronos

Hat: Benjaminz – Rvington Cap – Now @ TMD

Headphones: Hxnor – Gold Royalty Headphones (King) NEW @ Versus

Hoodie: Vrsion Konvert – Male Jacket – Now @ TMD

Pants: Kalback – Original Jeans – Dark – NEWW

Shoes: Flite – xPumps – NEW @ Versus





Beer: 220ML – Chronos Beer Marketplace

Speaker: Sayo – Poppin’ Pills Speakers – Charcoal


Want to Visit this cool place  Teleport here




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