Hey Guys..

i am back and i will introduce you to a fantasic Sim named Arranmore, i took the Information from the notecard wich you get, when you´ll arrive the sim. I also will copy this for you, so that you know what  to do when you arrive. I made some pics too, to let you all know what is waiting for you. I will hope, that this sim will stay for a long time, because it´s really beautiful! So enjoy and when you have any questions, pls give me a call 🙂 Or call inworld Lauren Bentham

Edana 🙂

Arranmore Backstory

Arranmore is a fictional sim created from my imagination, but the name Arranmore is actually an island off the west coast of County Donegal, Ireland.

The island of Arranmore, is today, a sleepy, almost deserted island, but was once a thriving community, small, but very active. The fishing port was the main source of income for the islanders, but they also relied heavily upon the investment from Lord & Lady Inman, who were the owners of the large manor house in the centre of the island. Many years ago, Lord & Lady Inman, along with their 2 children, took a holiday, and seemed to vanish off the face of the earth. To this day, no-one knows why, or what happened to them. This was a heavy blow to the community, who relied on Lord Inmans investments, and slowly, over the years, Arranmore fell into decline. Today, it has a handful of die hard residents who remain, but little is seen of them. Strange things began to happen on the island, which seemed to drive many people away. So, here we are today, still a beautiful and scenic island, but with few inhabitants. A manor house, that has not been lived in for years, and what seems like a dark, eerie cloud, hanging over the island……

Arranmore Group With Rez Rights

Click the Join Group Sign @ the TP Point to join the Arranmore Group, once clicked you will get a link to join in local chat,
to open local chat press Ctrl+H & Click Arranmore to join.
joining gives object rez rights, please read below 🙂

Arranmore has a one off group join fee of 175 lindens. I have had to put this in place, as open rez attracts way to many trolls and griefers, which ruin the experience for everyone.
Joining this group allows rezz of objects (Not Permanent) ideal for photographers & bloggers, & also those, wanting to rez small items to use while visiting. More importantly, the cost to join $$, goes to help pay monthly tier & keep Arranmore alive, I appreciate all that join. Thank you and enjoy 🙂
PS: Please take items back to your inventory once finished with, as any prims left will be returned daily, thanks 🙂
Lauren Bentham ღ

The main reason for the group with rez rights is for bloggers & photographers, however anyone can rez small items while visiting, but NO weapons, huge items, high prim items, sex objects or push objects.
In fact, anything, that griefs or disturbs others will be classed as abusing rez rights.
ANYONE found abusing rez rights WILL be banned from the group and Arranmore permanently.

Arranmore Flashlight

You will have been offered the free Arranmore Flashlight upon arrival, if you missed it, click the one on the Station Platform, just in front of you at the tp point.
This flashlight will work, and cast light just like a real flashlight, if advanced lighting is set in your graphics preferences. BUT, however, to see it work how it should and project light like a real flashlight, you MUST set the following in graphics preferences :
Enable Advanced Lighting,
Enable Ambient Occlusion,
Under Shadows, Set Sun/Moon + Projectors.

Some computers may run slow and not be able to handle these settings, but if you can, you will have a great experience.


Note For Bloggers

Feel free to blog anywhere in Arranmore, all I ask, is that you credit the location in the blog or flickr etc.
thank you 🙂

Do Items in second life sometimes look deformed to you from a distance ?
Follow the instructions below to improve this :

How to improve LOD (Level of detail ) settings.

Linden Lab Viewer

Hit CTRL+ALT+D to open the Advanced Menu across the top of your tool bar,

Select or Show Debug Settings.

Type in rendervolumeLODfactor and set to about 4 or 5.

Firestorm Viewer

You can follow the method above, or for quickness,
Go to avatar preferences,
click the graphics tab, then general,

Set the objects and sculpts slider from the default 2.000 to 4.000

Sim Rules

Ok , no one really likes rules, but some have to be put in place to protect others visiting the sim and to stop all out mayhem.
The rules below, are to give anyone visiting, a good experience and nothing more than that, so PLEASE take note.

Please remove facelights while visiting Arranmore. They serve no purpose, other than to blind everyone and ruin the mood.
If using voice chat , please remember Arranmore is a dark, moody environment, NOT a nightclub, bar or playground, so bare that in mind.

Please respect others around you.

No rezzing vehicles other than to use as a prop for taking pics
No flying vehicles for example space ships , jet fighters, hot air balloons, you get the picture 🙂
No huge avatars
No guns to be fired or pointed at others
No begging
No abuse, harassment, or griefing of others in any way
No gesture spamming, or loud obnoxious gestures
No music to be played by avatars this only serves to ruin the atmosphere intended on the sim
No high scripted items or flashing items
No rezing huge or obnoxious items as this will make it unpleasant for others around you
No high lag heavy scripted items
No particles , particle poofers etc
No bright lights that flood the area
No shouting across the sim
No soliciting
No public sex
No vampire biting
No advertising or spamming chat
No firing of weapons
No harassment or pushing
No loud sounding items so as not to disturb others

Please respect others around you ,

Most of all enjoy Arranmore 🙂



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