And hey buddy, I’m warning

Primo Mode

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.:: ♫ Red Right Hand ♫ ::.

On L’Homme Magazine

Hair : Tram G0106 hair | Tram

Mesh Head : SIGNATURE Gianni   | SIGNATURE

Mesh Body : SIGNATURE Gianni   | SIGNATURE

Skin & Eyebrows : Clef de Peau.Tobias | Clef de Peau

Scar : Clef de Peau Eyelid Scar [OMEGA] Applier | Clef de Peau

Mesh Eyes : theSkinnery Palermo Eye | TheSkinnery

Facial Hair : [SIGNATURE] included in Mesh head Hud  | SIGNATURE

Mustache  Barber Shop Short Beard Mustache |  Barber Shop

Beard : Y-U CYRUS Beard “BLK” Mens | YUTH

Mesh Ears : Swallow Ears HD | Swallow

Earring : Messiah Saber Unisex

Cigarette  : NikotiN Classic Cigarette – Nextgen | [NikotiN]

Necklace :  kunst  Rusty Key’s Cord |kunst

Hoodie : Gabriel Hoodie Sweat jacket Gray  | ::GABRIEL:: 

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