Gamer’s Haven









Links at the bottom of the post!!!!!!!!!!
Bedroom Area:

Bed – The Loft – Verne Bed NEWW @ Fameshed

Side Table – The Loft Verne Side Table NEWW @ Fameshed

Rug: The Loft – Corvus Hide Rug NEWW @ Fameshed

Laptop: Sorgo – N* Laptop (Gacha)

Earphones: Bazar – Stockholm Headphones

Papers: Sorgo – Paper stack RARE

Books: Random Matter – Dorm Life Text Books

Pens & Pencils – Sorgo (Gacha)

Pizza Unavailable

Items On side Table #1:

Horn: The Loft – Verne Metal Horn NEW @ Fameshed

Clock: The Loft – Verne Marble Clock – NEWW

Cookies: Bad Unicorn – Mary Janes Noel’s Cookies – Now @ Epiphany

Phone: Bad Unicorn – Mary Janes IDOOB Phone – Now @ Epiphany
Side Table #2

Phone Dock: Bad Unicorn – Mary Janes Dock Radio – Now @ Epiphany

Cd’s – CDA – Daddy’s Mix

Selfie Stick & Charger – Sorgo – Gacha

Plant: The Loft – Verne Eucalyptus Vase NEW @ Fameshed
Pictures: The Loft – Eye by Media City / Model Head by reidy68 @ Fameshed
Floor Lamp: Soy – Three Legged Floor Lamp

Picture on Floor: Ariskea – Motivation Frame
Gaming Station:

ON Floor:

Clothing – Tres Blah – Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes

Soda: Lost Junction – Tasty eats – soda

Vitamin Waters: Epique Energy Drinks

Paperballs: Sorgo – Paperballs

Cereal Bowl: Dust Bunny – Bowl of cereal

Box of cereal: Macbain – Open Mesh Box
Bag: Noir – Travor Toolbag Closed – NEWW @ TMD

Gaming Station:

Computer Tower – Elite Gaming Rig

Chair – Elite Racer Chair RARE

Headphones: Elite Gamer Headset

Desk: ELite Gamer Desk Black

Computer Screen: Elite Gamer Monitor

Keyboard: Elite Gamer Keyboard Rainbow

Mousepad: Elite Gamer Mousepad

By Vexiin – Can be found at the Mainstore

On Desk:

Pringles: Potato Chips – Pixelwear

Cup of noodles: Sorgo – Noodle Soup RARE

Speaker: Sayo – Poppin Pills Speaker

Candy spilled: Little Bones – Candy Mess (Gacha)

Bowl of Chips: Sorgo – Potato Chips bowl

Soda can/ candy/ chips : Tres Blah – Slumber party Snacks

Graphics Tablet: Kunst – Design Tablet

Sorgo – External Disk

Watch: Sorgo – watch (gacha)

Phone: Sorgo Blackblury Rare


Teleport Links Below!

The Loft






Little Bones

Tres Blah





Random Matter

Bad Unicorn







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