And when i’m gone you won’t see me, Unless you give me a reason

Snapshot_003 (7)

V12, I got a need for speed (skrt, skrt)
Only time I’m slowing down is in between her knees (uh-huh)
Might tell her ass to leave when I need to breathe (woah)
Lil Metro on the beat, push the keys with ease
I flew out every airport, of course, God is my source (source)
When you do the numbers it gets taxing of course (course)
Somehow I just kept it twenty-five times four (woah)
Kill the shows, kill the pussy, they both want an encore (woah)
Like go Don, go (go)
Gave everybody ’round me jobs
Fuck a job corps, bitch we on the top floor (top)
Working like we still tryna get it off the ground though (woah)
And if you not contributing, bitch, then fuck you ’round for? (huh?)
And if I split these blessings with you, you my brother (you my brother)
If I don’t text you back then I don’t trust you (then I don’t trust you)
If I pick up on the first brrt I love you (yeah, I love you)
And if I tell you all my secrets, you my lover, yeah yeah

Black Long Tape 5 Panel Backwards / FLI 

James Mesh Beard / Volkstone 

FW18 LongLine – B / Xenials @MOM

Flame Tattoo / Speakeasy @KinkyEvent

 Utility Jeans “Gianni, Fatpack” / REPRESENT 

Merit Diamond Watch (18k) / [VEX] 

Crusin’ Prop w/poses (CAR) / Animosity @MOM

Cinderella Boots / Vale Koer @N21

Thermal Socks / Vale Koer *Group Gift*

yokocho backdrop / [ isuka ] 

Drive-in Speaker (12 Texture options) / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed


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