Free gift from Miel!

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time, but I’m back to share a fun free gift from Miel !

This bracelet is very cool, and looks great on both men and women. It comes with a HUD that will let you change the beads, so that you can customize it with a special message. I think this is one that we can all agree with, isn’t it? 😉

This store sells other nice products, so while you’re there, take a look around and see what else you can find! Remember to keep having fun in Second Life! 🙂

Purple Poses!

Hello again everyone! I’d like to tell you all about a store that belongs to a friend of mine. Her store is called **Purple Poses** , and has poses available for both men and women. Each one only costs L$ 10, and as you can see below, they’re great for photos!

Happy Holidays for all! 😀

Jacket: SB Menswear – Saints Quilted Leather Jacket (Lost Souls Hunt Prize)
Pants: .::Vassnia::. – Boy Toy Jeans (MHOH5 Hunt Prize #63)
Hat: .:GiMa:. – Santa’s Hat (2009 Christmas Store Gift)
Boots: [BedlaM] – Leather Boots (MHOH4 Hunt Prize #69)

Challenge #3 with Bardiel!

Challenge 3, wow!

After seeing the images below comparing my avatar with his RL double, I doubt that many people will find themselves asking, “Who Are You?”, and hopefully, they “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the difficulty of this challenge. (Okay, no more lame C.S.I. puns, lol!!) 😉

This one was tough, but so much fun! I can’t wait to see all the other submissions for Challenge #3 😀

Keep having fun in SL!!

Challenge #2 – Meet “Nova”!

I wanted to post this a few days ago, but have been experiencing some problems with my internet access. Thankfully, it’s been fixed, so now I can introduce you to “Nova”, my female avatar for Challenge #2!

Here is what she’s wearing:

Skin: Skin Within – Zayra Skin (Lucky Chair Prize)
Hair: Savoir Hair – Kele Hair (L$ 1)
Feet: *Mayden Couture* – Group gift item (L$ 0)
Jewelry : ((RIPE)) – Saturna Intergalactic Planetary Jewelry (FTLO… Science Hunt Prize)
Glasses: Second Eyes – “Edgy” Scripted Eyewear (Lucky Chair Prize)
Shirt: La Perla – included with “Cool Men” outfit (L$ 1)
Jacket: Dany French Touch – Women’s Leather Black Coat (L$ 1)
Pants: Phoenix Rising – Maddy Ribbed Pants (Clearance sale item, L$ 25)
Belt: Eclectic Firefly – FF Women’s Belt (L$ 1)

Some items might no longer be available, but the total cost was under L$ 30!

Make Him Over Hunt 4 – Male Outfits!

Hi everyone, I recently finished the “Make Him Over Hunt 4”, and wanted to show some of the outfits that I created with the prizes I won from it. The hunt is still open until October 20, so hurry if you (or a friend) want to win too!

Shirt: BalAni – Black Knit Turtleneck (MHOH4 Prize #12)
Pants: Alphamale – Worker Blue Jeans (MHOH4 Prize #2)

Jacket: ALI COUTURE – AC Juno Jacket (MHOH4 Prize #54)
Shirt: [name pending] – Octopus Teeshirt (MHOH4 Prize #53)
Pants: JUICE Fresh Menswear – Dirty Mucker Jeans (MHOH4 Prize #85)

Jacket: Myself – Clothes & Accessories – Formal Waistcoat (MHOH4 Prize #93)
Shirt: Myself – Clothes & Accessories – Formal T-Shirt (MHOH4 Prize #93)
Pants: HARDWEAR – Wrinkled Jeans (MHOH4 Prize #106)

Shirt: PEER – Boy Mesh Shirt (MHOH4 Prize #93)
Pants: subVersion – Blue Jeans (MHOH4 Prize #130)