Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

Since I have been trying things I dont wear normally in SL I thought it would nice to show you all. My last post I wore black hair and a tanned skin, and now I am wearing faun parts, I got these at Illusory and I realy love them, they come with the tail (twitch and non twitch), ears (twitch and non twitch) and faun legs (not wearing them). I love those a lot and I will wear them a lot more, when I thought I would never wear something like this.

Spring Awakening2

No something more serious, the poses from Bent! I am using are exclusively for the Glance Front Row event. This event will open the 1st of April and will raise money for Relay For Life. It is so amazing because 100% of the proceeds will go to this amazing cause. Relay For Life® is the signature fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. I realy hope a lot of money will be raised. You can read everything about the Glance Front Row event here on their official website. And here you can read more about RFL of SL in their official website. I will blog more of this event soon and will also post a landmark as soon as possible.

Spring Awakening3

I love these new releases from Vive9 this awesome short and cardigan are both released not to long ago. I am looking forward to spring and I like to do that in cute clothing like this… I love these new shoes from Anexx a lot as well. I am so happy with all the releases from this amazing brand. Yay let the spring begin.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Elikatira – Vivid – Red 05
Skin: LAQ – Vilda – 09 (fair)
Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Marina (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Faun parts: Illusory – Goat_Basic – White
Cardigan: Vive9 – Kasia Bulk Cardigan – Beige
Shirt: Surf Couture – Hermana Tank – Yellow
Pants: Vive9 – Jac PinDot Shorts – Dijon
Pumps: Anexx – AnkleLaceupBoots – White

Poses: Bent! [Glance Front Row item]

Fade to Black

Fade to Black3

I hope you all recognize me cause I am wearing a tanned skin and black hair LOL. I got this amazing skin from Glam Affair at the Dressing Room. It comes with 3 brow colours and with 5 pretty lipstick layers. I wouldnt normally wear a skin this tanned, but this skin is amazing and it is just 70L$.

Fade to Black2

I realy love these new platform pumps from J’s they come in 12 pretty colours. The pumps are scripted so you can wear them with or without the strap. My jean jacket is from Mon Tissu and is lovely and versatile . You can wear it with a tough look like this but it will also look amazing with a cute girly dress.

Fade to Black

I adore this hair so much it was a vip group gift from Elikatira it is released in the mainstore as well but not in this colour. The vipgroup gift includes 5 pretty colours that are not available in the store. Yay

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Elikatira – Comfort – Black 06
Skin: Glam Affair – Mary – TDR26 (MedTan – E/BR/A) [TDR item]
Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Marina (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Lipstick: Glam Affair – Mary – Lips Tattoo 3 [TDR item]

Earrings: Yummy – Diamond Spray Earrings [last weeks FLF item]
Jacket: Mon Tissu – Porter Jean Jacket – Used
Shirt: Surf Couture – Hermana Tank – Blue
Pants: Vive9 – Vinyl & Stretch Leather Pants – Black
Pumps: J’s – Platforms Pumps – Black

Poses: Luba (not released yet)

Sunshine After the Rain

Sunshine After the Rain

Hey everyone her I am again. Today I decided to show some amazing events that are going on at the moment to raise money for Japan. There are a few events going on and they sell great stuff. One of the events is the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. This event has been open for a while now and has raised over 4 million L$ allready which is so amazing. I am using these amazing umbrella poses which are available at PCF. They are released by Baffle!

Sunshine After the Rain2

The shirt I am wearing is from Aoharu and all the proceeds go to Japan as well. The shirt is just 50L$ and there is a gift vendor so you can buy the shirt for all your friends. I realy love this shirt a lot. Like miss KawaiiNicole gave me this shirt 🙂 Thanks Nicole you rock!!!

Sunshine After the Rain3

Then something else. Undefined Lilies released this awesomesauce necklace, which goes so well with my todays look. I realy love this brand with cute jewelry. Also there is a cute freebie version of this necklace released so you might check out the cute new mainstore of Undefined Lilies.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Vive9 – Karlie – Orchid
Skin: Vive9 – Sasha – Base Brown Brows (Satin)
with freckle layer and blush layer (Cold Red Blush)
Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Marina (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Eyeliner: Dutch Touch – Eyeliner – Nr1
Lipstick: Vive9 – Sasha Lipstick – Cherry

Necklace: Undefined Lilies – Teensy Clutter – Umbrella02
Shirt: Aoharu – DungareeLongShirt – Red [ThankUPray4Japan]
Undershirt: Fri.day – Vneck.Tee – Brown
Shorts: Mon Tissu – Greta – Light
Legging: Aoharu – KnitLeggings – NordicRed
Boots: FIR&MNA – Wellies – Unisex

Poses: Baffle! (including umbrella) [PCF item] and Glitterati



This is my last element blogpost… Today it is inspired by water. I am sorry I kept you all waiting so long, but I am sick at the moment so don’t have a lot of concentration to make a post. I am using stuff again from Chic Limited the event lasts till the 26th of March so enough time to go check it out.


This amazing skin is one of the four element skins from Mynerva released for Chic Limited. I love them all but this water inspired one was my favorite 🙂 It would be a great RP skin.


This amazing dress might be one of my favorite releases at the Chic Limited Event and it is from Ingenue. The sculpted skirt is so pretty and flawless. I will wear this dress a lotttt in world 🙂

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Dernier Cri – Zero Gravity w/ Bangs- Rainbow Shades (R8)
Skin: Mynerva – Element – Water [Chic Limited item]
Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Pierce (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry – Donata Necklace – Blue
Dress: Ingenue – Breezy Day Dress – H2O [Chic Limited item]
Boots: G-Field – Bow Strap Shoes Kate – Blue

Poses: Glitterati



After the teasers I posted before Chic Limited finally opened. It is realy worth taking a look. The theme of this Chic Limited is the elements. Today I am making a post inspired on fire. I am wearing this amazing skin from Glam Affair which is available at Chic Limited. The skin is a special edition of the Mary skin which released not to long ago, it comes with different brows and different blushes. The skin is in a pack with an amazing outfit.


The top I am wearing is a piece of the Glam Affair outfit that goes with the skin I love how it looks. It is fierce and sexy. You can wear the whole outfit or just a the top and combine it with a nice pants or skirt. I decided to wear this old high waist short from R.icielli. I realy love this short and I wore it a lot in other colors, but the red color was great for a post inspired by fire.


The hair I am wearing is from a new brand: Milana. The designers of this brand are Asuka Martin of Dernier Cri and Sharifa Morenz. Like Dernier Cri this hairs have a hud to change colour, an idea I love because it takes way less space in my inventory then for every haircolor another hair in your inv. This hairstyle comes with 2 different bangs styles and one no bangs version. The brand released 20 hairstyles at once so if you don’t like this style there are way more option you may like better.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Milana – Lacie I – Reds (Crimson)
Skin: Glam Affair – Mary Natural – Fire BR_A [Chic Limited item]
Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Molasses (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Top: Glam Affair – Mary On Fire (part of outfit) [Chic Limited item]
Shorts: R.icielli – Joanne Highwaist Short – Red
Boots: Bax – Prestige Boots – Black Suede

Poses: Poseur



The second post about Chic Limited. And also the second element. This time my “theme” was earth. Now that I write this it is a bit weird because there was a very big earthquake at Japan not just a little while ago. At first I didnt want to blog this, but now I would like to make this blogpost in honour of all victims and their family. I realy hope you all are well.


Well now what I’m wearing… This dress is from Kyoot and is available at the Chic Limited Event. There are 5 different prints and they are all adorable. My shoes are a new release from Anexx and I love these like I love almost every release from Anexx. The shoes are so well made and pretty.


This belt is a new release from Mon Tissu and I think it is amazing. It goes well with a lot of different clothing and I hope to wear this belt a lot more. The hair is another Chic Limited release and this style is from Shag I dont wear this brand a lot but I actually love there hairstyles. I should realy wear their styles more often. And then my favorite item about this look are the poses. These super pretty poses are from Adorkable and are also available at Chic Limited. They come with a pretty pink petals version and a grayscale version which you can color yourself. Like I said in my latest blogpost Chic Limited will open 12 March so I cant give the landmark just yet. I will try to blog the lm tomorrow.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Shag – Songbird – Fever [Chic Limited item]
Skin: Vive9 – Sasha – Base Brown Brows (Satin)
with freckle layer and blush layer (Cold Red Blush)
Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Ivy (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Lipstick: Vive9 – Sasha Lipstick – Spring
Eye Make-up: Elegant Epiffany – TE Earth (eyemakeup) [Chic Limited item]

Jewelry: League – Wanderer Jewellery Set
Belt: Mon Tissu – Seneca Threaded Leather Belt
Dress: Kyoot – The Ground Beneath Her Feet – Darkened Way [Chic Limited item]
Shoes: Anexx – PlatformWedgesole – Brown

Poses: Adorkable [Chic Limited item]



12 march Chic Limited will open doors again and this time the theme will be The Elements. I absolutely love what I have seen so far and I will try to make a blogpost for every element. I wanted to start of with air. I am wearing this pretty and sparkly bodysuit from Peqe. They come in 4 colours, 1 color for each element. I think Peqe always makes pretty and sexy bodysuits. I can’t share the lm of Chic Limited just yet but I will try to blog it tomorrow.


This make-up is also available at Chic Limited and I like it a lot. It is from
Elegant Epiffany. It is not something I would wear normally in world, but it is amazing for blogposts like this or if you are into roleplaying. I realy love how easy it has become to change your whole look by just buying some tattoo make up layers. It is way cheaper then buying a whole new skin.


I have this hair for I while now but I never had a idea how to blog it but I thought this maybe a good time too. It is a hairstyle from Wasabi Pills and I think it is funny and cute. The balloons are colorchangeable so you can match it with your outfit. These poses I have used before in my blog but they are one of my favorites so you might see them more. They are from !Avant.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Up In The Hair – Gingerbread
Skin: Vive9 – Sasha – Base Brown Brows (Satin)
Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Cloud (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Make-up: Elegant Epiffany – TE All Around Us [Chic Limited item]

Bodysuit: Peqe – Kate Glitter – Air [Chic Limited item]
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s Plain – Sky

Poses: !Avant

About a Girl

About a Girl4

The Pure Juice Event is going on right now and there are loads of cute girly things available there right now. Like this amazing Girltalk Hut from Tasty which comes fully furnished. I think it is so adorable and girly. The fully furnished hut is just 140 prims so if you have some prims left on your plot you might love it!

About a Girl2

Something else I got from the Pure Juice Event is this butterfly necklace from Donna Flora. It is all cute an princessy and pink and did I mention cute? My hair is a new release from Elikatira. I love it so much as I like almost any release from Elikatira…

About a Girl

This dress is from a store I never been to before called To One Lounge it is an adorable store with al girly cute clothing.

About a Girl3

My shoes I also got at the Pure Juice Event and they are from Cool Beans it actually comes with an adorable dress which is so nice. I love packs with a nice outfit with matching shoes. The poses I am using in this post are from Di’s Opera and are also available at the Pure Juice Event.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Elikatira – Just – Red 05
Skin: Vive9 – Sasha – Base Brown Brows (Satin)
with freckle layer and blush layer (Cold Red Blush)
Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Cobalt (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Lipstick: Vive9 – Sasha Lipstick – Blush

Necklace: Donna Flora – Butterfly Necklace [Pure Juice item]
Dress: To One Lounge – Border Onpiece – Whitebase
Socks: Pig – Socks Mit Suspender – Clean White Socks
Shoes: Cool Beans – Plaine Jane Pumps – Grapefruit [Pure Juice item]

Poses: Di’s Opera [Pure Juice item]

Only Girl

Hey everyone this is my first post on this blog so I hope you will all like it. Flor asked me to blog here and I was flattered she asked me and said yes. Well enjoy my posts and if you want to know anything you can contact me anytime.


Strawberry Feiri

Only Girl

Today a new store opened called LaViere it is from the same designer as Tee*fy and it is absolutely adorable. A lot of cute dresses and other nice stuff is out allready so it is realy worth taking a look. I am wearing this cute dress from there and I adore it. I am looking forward to see a lot more from this store.

Only Girl2

Ugh I just saw I didnt zoom in this pic very good so proportions are bit of but well. As you all might have seen allready LeLutka has released a few new hairstyles and they are all amazing. I love this cute short style a lot. I will try to blog more styles soon because they are awesomesauce. My necklace is from LaGyo and is available in the Dressing Room for a few more days so if you don’t have it yet and you like it you might want to check it out.

Only Girl3

Oh and then my shoes are a release from Mon Tissu. I love this store so much everything from the looks amazing! Everytime they release something I go broke at that store lol. Well I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and I hope to see you all soon.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: LeLutka – Addison Hair – IrishRed
Skin: Vive9 – Sasha – Base Brown Brows (Satin)
with freckle layer and blush layer (Cold Red Blush)Eyes: LeLutka – Ellis – Ivy (medium)
Lashes: LeLutka – 2011 Lashes – Natur

Lipstick: Vive9 – Lipglass Lipgloss – Rose

Bag: TokiDoki – Flowers Bag – Cream
Necklace: LaGyo – Padlock Necklace [Dressing Room item]
Dress: LaViere – Tulip Dress – DustRose
Shoes: Mon Tissu – Montsegur Pumps – Berry

Poses: aDORKable