Me, Myself & I

Trip_001 (1)

when i was down, when i was down where was you at?

when i was down, when i was down where was you at?

as long as i kept my cash out (cash out) all i need is me, myself and I

i lost my trust when i gave it out (i gave it out)

now ill never let it slide as long as i kept my cash out (cash out)

all i need is me, myself and I i lost my trust when i gave it out (i gave it out)

now ill never let it slide ohh i seen all of these changes thats where i wanna be

I have bad bitches at my door i cannot trust anymore ever since you left through that door

Lamar Hair / Y-U 

Kazuki Goatee / Volkstone @NeoJapan

Real Eyes Tattoo / Speakeasy @Limit8

Lroah Ring -gold(L) Signature / BJewla @Mainstore

Mains Boxers / Fli. @Mainstore

[18k] Diamond Tags / Vexiin

Rope Bracelet 18k / Vexiin 

Thermal Socks / Vale Koer ‘Group Gift’ 

 Ankle Sprinters / Semller @TMD

Malcom Pose / Animosity 

 ‘Bunkbed (Light)’ Sleep Over Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘Retro-Brick Lamp’ Sleepover Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

PlayHard. Bottle FATPACK / Xenials

‘Cube Chair (incomplete)’ Sleepover Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘CTRL Table’ Sleep Over Set (5 Texture Options) / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘Retro Robot’ Sleepover Set (6 Texture Options) / [Bad Unicorn]  @Fameshed

‘Lag’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn] 

‘Noob’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn] 

‘Try-Hard’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn]

Mary Janes ‘Nuggets Bowl’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Mary Janes ‘Grinder’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Mary Janes ‘Lisp Lighter’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Shirihama Stilt House / [Bad Unicorn] @TMD

NOMAD // R.C Racing Game

Mates Pizza / [Bad Unicorn] 


And when i’m gone you won’t see me, Unless you give me a reason

Snapshot_003 (7)

V12, I got a need for speed (skrt, skrt)
Only time I’m slowing down is in between her knees (uh-huh)
Might tell her ass to leave when I need to breathe (woah)
Lil Metro on the beat, push the keys with ease
I flew out every airport, of course, God is my source (source)
When you do the numbers it gets taxing of course (course)
Somehow I just kept it twenty-five times four (woah)
Kill the shows, kill the pussy, they both want an encore (woah)
Like go Don, go (go)
Gave everybody ’round me jobs
Fuck a job corps, bitch we on the top floor (top)
Working like we still tryna get it off the ground though (woah)
And if you not contributing, bitch, then fuck you ’round for? (huh?)
And if I split these blessings with you, you my brother (you my brother)
If I don’t text you back then I don’t trust you (then I don’t trust you)
If I pick up on the first brrt I love you (yeah, I love you)
And if I tell you all my secrets, you my lover, yeah yeah

Black Long Tape 5 Panel Backwards / FLI 

James Mesh Beard / Volkstone 

FW18 LongLine – B / Xenials @MOM

Flame Tattoo / Speakeasy @KinkyEvent

 Utility Jeans “Gianni, Fatpack” / REPRESENT 

Merit Diamond Watch (18k) / [VEX] 

Crusin’ Prop w/poses (CAR) / Animosity @MOM

Cinderella Boots / Vale Koer @N21

Thermal Socks / Vale Koer *Group Gift*

yokocho backdrop / [ isuka ] 

Drive-in Speaker (12 Texture options) / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed


Six Dreams

Six Dreams


De Vil Hair Fatpack / Unorthodox @MonsieurChic *LIMITED*

Pralou Eyebrows / Unorthodox @MonsieurChic

Gold “Classic” Chains / :HX

Nolex Ring Gold / Fli

 X7 Smartphone / BadUnicorn 

Kings Bracelet Gold / Benjaminz 

Motus Chronometer Black / ValeKoer 

Juice Bracelet / Benjaminz 

Ethika Assorted Boxers / Fli 

Sad Boys Tattoo / Dappa @BuyNowSL

Procrastination At Its Finest



Donovan Hair / Unorthodox @HairFair

Vicious Facial Hair / Unorthodox

Juice Watch / Benjaminz

Juice Bracelet / Benjaminz 

Kingz Bracelet / Benjaminz 

Odric Tattoo / Bolson 

Ego Pants / Excellence 

Ego Shirt / Excellence

Ego Swordbelt / Excellence 

Nolex Ring / Fli. 

Concrete Shaman / Vale Koer 

Dankwheel *RARE* / Represent @Epiphany 

X7 Smartphone / BadUnicorn

Jude Pose / RK Pose @CrossroadsEvent





Drak Hair Chocolate / Unorthodox @HairFair

Ankh Necklace Gold / Fli 

Boxing Glove Red / KHOI + REP @Epiphany 

Boxing Shorts / KHOI + REP –  “Slink” @Epiphany 

550x – Black & White / [Shoeminati] *NEWW*


Verano House / Bad Unicorn @Ultra 

Punching Bag/Black – DavidHeather 

Boxing Glove “Gray” / KHOI + REP @Epiphany 

Bench Press / N4RS

Duffle Bag + Longboard RARE / Represent @Epiphany 

Dankwheel “Gold”  RARE / Represent @Epiphany

Boxing Backpack “White” RARE / KHOI + REP @Epiphany 

Fitness Weights and Water / TA

No Limit Like P

No Limit Like P


Button Cap / Benjaminz

Thick Cuban Chain / Fli @MOM

x7 Smartphone / BadUnicorn 

Really Big Ring / .B

Motus Chronometer Black / ValeKoer

Shorts Iluzy / Excellence

xBoost / Shoeminati @MOM

Red Cash Duffle Bag / HX:




Jodye Braids / Unorthodox 

Diamond Grill / Fli *NEWW*

40Colt&Bullets -Chain .B @TheVillageFair

Flannel Button Down / Represent 


Just A Typical Gamer

total rage


Hype Dad Cap / Fli *NEWW*

Jodye Braids / Unorthodox *NEWW*

YungBuddah -Chain//OffGolds/ *NEWW* .B

Kingz Bracelet / Benjaminz

Cropped Sarrouel Pants02 Khaki / Chronokit @TMD

Nike Pro Boxers “Omega” / Fli

Black Signature Slide Sandals [Gold] / HX: @TMD


[Bad Unicorn] Lay-zee Gamer Dual Setup @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Space Grey’ Lay-zee Gamer Seat @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] Lay-zee VR Headset @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Space Grey’ Lay-zee Gamer Speaker @TMD



What Do You See

What do you see 1Lookbook

Odell Hair Ombre / Unorthodox 

KingTattoo / Dappa @ShinyShabby

Grail JP. Chain/Bum

Really Big Rings/Bum

Camo 6ix Shoulder Bomber :HX @UltraEvent

Tank top- Black- Solid / [Pumpkin]

Distressed Denim / Vale Koer @UltraEvent 

Juice Watch / Benjaminz 

X7 Smartphone / BadUnicorn @UltraEvent

Kingz Ring / Benjaminz

The Beezy Boosts / Vale Koer




Drifting Far From You

Rough And Edgy


Vader Hoodie “Slink” / 2BYTE x REP @XV Event 

Arrow Necklace Gold / Benjaminz @XV Event 

XV Waist Shirts  “Slink ” / 2BYTE x REP  @XV Event

Worn Knee Jeans “Slink” / 2BYTE x REP @XV Event 

X7 Smartphone / Bad Unicorn @UltraEvent

Cuban Link Bracelet / Fli.

Lumbertrail Boots / Vale Koer

L’Etre – Contemporary Hall.


League Of My Own

League Of My Own


Vicious Beard / Unorthodox 

2BN Casual Blazer: Tweed Grey (M-TMP) / Kauna @Fameshed 

2BN Casual Shirt: Blue [CT] (M-TMP) / Kauna @Fameshed 

2BN Waistcoat: Tweed Grey (M-TMP) / Kauna @Fameshed

2BN Trousers: Tweed Grey (M) [LONG] / Kauna @Fameshed

Mesh Allen Shoes – Black / [ hoorenbeek ]

Ankh Necklace Gold / Fli @BWS

watch no.39 Spider / *chronokit*

Rosewood Frame / Benjaminz 

L’Etre – Art Gallery.


I Am The Plug

I Am The Plug


Omari Hair Chocolate / Unorthodox

The Plug Necklace Gold / Benjaminz @TMD

Double Sleeve Hoodie / Represent @TMD

Essential Skinny Joggers / Represent @TMD

Black Currency Duffle Bag / HX: @TMD

12x PSNYC / [Shoeminati] *NEWW*

Money Clip – Common #11 – Tan / Flite

Concrete Jungle Gasmask Backdrop / HX: @TMD


Who Is Bad?



Choppa Hair / Unorthodox *NEWW*

Choppa Beard / Unorthodox *NEWW*

My Death Tattoo TMP / Dappa @BuyNowEvent

Owl Necklace Rosegold / Fli *NEWW*

 “FEAR” Tetra Bracelet / BadUnicorn 

Motus Chronometer Black / ValeKoer


German Whippin’

German Whippin


Throne Tattoo / Dappa

Clif Beanie / BadUnicorn

Gold Mercy Two Chains / BadUnicorn

watch no.39 Spider / chronokit 

T-Shert_Tavin_TMP / [ Excellence ] @ShinyShabby

Short_Tavin_TMP / [ Excellence ] @ShinyShabby


[Bad Unicorn] Flat Basketball @Epiphany 

[Bad Unicorn] Water Bottle & Towel @Epiphany 

HM BW 4M Red

L’Etre – The Street.