Bare Face Challenge

bare face challenge-second life-the skinnery-moon

Here’s my bare face challenge, I was bored 😀 Basically no extra tattoo layers on the face, no PS, no enhancements yada yada

SKIN// The Skinnery – Marni
EYES// The Skinnery – Maple eyes Forest Green
HAIR// Moon – 21 Hours
TATTOO// Reckless – Monarch @The Men’s Dept

If I cant save us I’ve got to save myself

second life-female-fashion-pixicat-remarkable oblivion-witch

Hola!!! I was home for the weekend so I had time to do some posts, here’s the credits…BTW I’m loving uni atm haha, it’s mental and I appreciate the people that have been patient with me, my sponsors and followers and such, really appreciate it 😀 ALSO new event is aroooound, Xiasumi School Festival, super cool stuff (like the huuuur ._.)

SKIN// [the Skinnery] Gemma @ TAG! gatcha

EYES// [theSkinnery] Autumn Eerie eye collection

FACE TATTOO// New faces – Elf Makeup @ We ❤ Roleplay

HAIR// .Olive. the Roo Hair @ Xiasumi School Festival

HAT// Remarkable Oblivion – Spellbinder

SEPTUM PIERCING// MONS – Septum ring (style 17) @ TDRfusion

CLAWS// Bliensen + MaiTai – Rawwr – Claws @ We ❤ Roleplay

NECKLACE// Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Cameo Necklace

DRESS// -Pixicat- Femke.Gown



Ther’s no Barbie without her Ken


This just reminded me of Barbie…but I like the miami phase going on, like it a lot…

Skin: The Skinnery – Kim @ Collabor88
Eyebrows: The Skinnery – Marni Brows
Eyes: IKON – September Group Gift
Hair: Olive @ N21
Glasses: H.m.a.e.m
Tattoo: Bolson Tattoo: Mr Bolton
Septum Piercing: MONS
Necklace & Bracelets: LaGyo @ Collabor88
Bustier: Foxes (Birdy) @ The Secret Affair
Skirt: Pixicat @ Collabor88
Shoes: Hucci

Killing the little light that is left


Ok, first of all 😦 I’m really sorry about these past posts…lol, I have been busy in rl recently and also on holiday so I didn’t have as much time as usual, also apologise for the quality of the credits -_-

Far left look:

Skin: The Skinnery – Marni
Hair: Vanity Hair – Crazy in Love
Dress: Faun
Jacket: Pixicat

Second to left:

Skin: The Skinnery: Marni
Hair: Due – Rita
Dress: Atomic @ Collabor88
Harness: Noodles @ We ❤ Roleplay
Tattoo: Bolson Tattoo – Llanowar

Third to left:

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Mikazuki Hair @ Creation Japan
Eye Makeup: The Skinnery
Bustier & Skirt: Foxes (Birdy) @ The Secret Affair
Tattoo: Elska @ N21
Bracelets: LaGyo @ Collabor88

Far right:

Hair: Blues Hair –  Jolene
Head: Ane @ We ❤ Roleplay
Dress: gO @ We ❤ Roleplay
Tattoo: Identity Body Shop – Commandor

Poses (except one holding butiful light): Musa @ We ❤ Roleplay
Taken @ Pigeon Island

I can’t feel your presence anymore…


Another quick post, I do apologise but quite a few will be, I’ve been super busy in rl atm, so haven’t had time for the credits :/, if you have any questions message me inworld or on here or wherever you want lol 😀

Skin: The Skinnery – Marni @ The Arcade
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Writer Hair @ The Arcade
Hand & neck tattoo: Bolson Tattoo – Mr. Bolton
Leg tattoo: Elska – Love Letters
Nose ring: MONS – Septum Ring (Style14)
Piercing: Suicidal Unborn
Jumper: Atomic – Charlotte Sweater @ N21
Duck slippers: UFO – The Lazy Song, Ducky Slipper @ The Arcade

I’m loving Marni

Ok, you can probably notice already, that I’m a fan of The Skinnery, particularly her Quiana skin ofc…. I LOVE her skins, they’re so realistic and incredibly good quality, her wowmeh appliers are amazing, her ears are amazing, her eyes are amazing, her everything is amazing imo, EASILY my favourite skins in SL.  So you can tell that I wear Quiana a lot, that was my skin (not mine mine just my fave one) lol that I wore aaaaaaaaaaall the time. I rarely took it off after the day I got it…until now >.< heh

The Skinnery has a new release at the new round of The Arcade, called Marni. MY GOD, I LOVE IT. I don’t wanna go on too much about how much I love it but I seriously do, it possibly tops Quiana. So I’ll be wearing this one 24/7 in SL from now on, I won’t be taking it off for a while, I think it really suits my shape and is so me, I love it, tysm Uma! ❤ The lips are so cute and so are the eyes and the nooooooooooooose, just everything is spot on.

Oh btw I’m also wearing IKON Ascension eyes, Olive Nara hair and the gift tops at the new mainstore for Ryvolter 🙂

First pic style is obviously going to be my fave 😛


second life-the arcade-the skinnery-marni-sl-honey second life-the arcade-the skinnery-marni-sl-milk second life-the arcade-the skinnery-marni-sl-mocca second life-the arcade-the skinnery-marni-sl-toffee second life-the arcade-the skinnery-marni-sl-champagne

Only the week succumb to brutality

second life-c88=collabor88-lagyo-angel

Collabor 88 opened a new round recently, well a while ago now lol….but the theme is pretty cool this time, its like gods and stuff lol…..anyways some cool stuff there, so I’d check it out if you haven’t…

SKIN// [the Skinnery] Quiana

EYES // IKON Ascension Eyes – Oxidation

HAIR// ~Tableau Vivant~ Legend Hair – Persephone @ Collabor88

ARROWS, WINGS, RING AND NOSE RING// LaGyo Metis Collection @ Collabor88




second life-riske-dark-bolson tattoes

Oooooo darkness….oooooo lol not sure what to say 😛 BUT this tattoo *.* my god my god………

SKIN// [the Skinnery] Quiana

EYES// [the Skinnery] Bohemian eyes @ The Chapter Four

HAIR // Vanity Hair: Anchor

HARNESS// Riske Robbi Harness @ District 5

TATTOO// *Bolson / Tattoo – Dante @ The Mens Dept

High on thoughts of you

second life-fashion-roleplay-alchemy

Ok so as I’ve already mentioned, we ❤ roleplay opened and has some cool stuff *hinthint* *winkwink*, including these awesome poses *_* BUT atomic has released a ‘preview’ if you like of an upcoming skin, it’s at the chapter four, go try it out, its super duper noice ;p

SKIN// .Atomic. Skin {HeartStrings}  @ The Chapter Four

EYELIDS// Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes

EARS// [the Skinnery] Puki Mesh ears

HAIR AND HAIRBASE// ~Tableau Vivant~ Niyoki Hair @ We  Roleplay

COLLAR AND BOOB COVER THING// Alchemy – Lok Armor @ We RolePlay

Leaders are born not created.

second life-fashion-gladiator-angel-wings

PERSONALLY….I loooooooove this post….we ❤ roleplay just opened and collabor88 will tomorrow too, this round is gladiator theme I believe and there’s some pretty dope shit at both events. I’m so bad with my posts -_- I the pics days in advance and am too lazy to just get on with them and post them, and then even lazier when it comes to credits…but this one, I had to do it straight away lol…I was just too damn excited :D.

SKIN// [the Skinnery] Quiana

EYEBROWS// [the Skinnery] Bushy Brows

EYES// IKON Ascension Eyes – Oxidation

EYELASHES// – DAMNED – Luscious Eyelash

FRECKLES// NOX. Sunspots

HAIR// ~Chimeric Fashions~ Coiled hair & Crown @ We  Roleplay

COLLAR// [The Forge] Twisted Collar @ We RolePlay

LEFT ARM BAND// [Keystone] Xani – Armlet @ We RolePlay

RIGHT ARM BAND// [LostJunction] – Tokiwa’s Treasures – Armband @ We  Roleplay

WINGS// [][]Trap[][] – Bronze Raven Wing @ We  Roleplay

ARM BRACERS// Noodles – Kara Leather Bracer @ We  Roleplay

DRESS// -Pixicat- Gladiator.Dress @ Collabor88

SHOES// -Pixicat- Gladiator.Shoes @ Collabor88


second life-fashion-pixicat-uber-attitude

Alrighty, Uber just opened and Dreamers Factory hasn’t died yet, so it’s still open, go check out both events, both are ace…This pic though…I kinda love it lol especially the second to last…and I even used the region windlight 😮 which I never do because it doesn’t suit imo lol but the heeeeeeeeeels and the tattssss and the bliiiing, perfecto lol I’m in love….I took this pic in Virtual Decay which is a super cool urban dirty kinda sim, I will definitely be taking more pics there, you can rez stuff there but not for long…which sucks lol but it’s still epic..

SKIN// [the Skinnery] Quiana

HAIRBASE// [ef] – Malaysian 01 Lace Front Caps (Hairbase)

EYEBROWS// [the Skinnery] Bushy Brows

EYES// [the Skinnery] Maple Eyes – Forest Green

LIPS// R.icielli – Candy Makeups / Lipstick

EYELASHES // *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong

HAIR// Analog Dog – Val

EARRINGS// .aisling. Gretchen Earrings

NOSE CHAIN// RYCA – Nose chain

BINDI// MONS / Mesh – Bindi 

GLASSES// ~Tableau Vivant~ Aviator Glasses

TATTOOS// SOURIRES TATTOOS. Doll Mirror @Suicide Dollz Event

LEG CHAIN// Noodles – Thigh Chain Gold

TOP// -Pixicat- Cheeky Top @ Uber

SHORTS// -Pixicat- Cheeky Shorts @ Uber

BAG// =Zenith= Ice Cream Bag @ The Dreamers Factory

SHOES// [ Miseria ] Vamp Stilettos @ N21

BIKE// {vespertine} – dreamers vehicle @ The Dreamers Factory

In the waves I’ve lost every trace of you…where are you?

second life-fashion-beach shack-milk motion-emotion

Tbh this pic was purely down to inspiration by a song, recently I’ve come across this suuuuuuper good playlist on youtube and literally love every single sogn on it, I suggest you try it, unless you like cringy crap shit then don’t bother lol – LINK FOR YOU. Other than that I wanted a pretty and emotional pic…haven’t done one in a while, anyways ENJOY THE POST 😀

SKIN// [the Skinnery] Quiana

EYEBROWS // [Buzz] Natalia Eyebrows

HAIR// Blues Hair – Annie

EYES// [the Skinnery] Maple Eyes – Forest Green

EARRINGS// LaGyo – Shell Earrings

DRESS// ::{u.f.o}::  Pure Love Dress @ The Dreamers Factory

BEACH SHACK// (Milk Motion) – Beach Shack + Sand

LEFT POSE// Del May – In-between

MIDDLE POSE// Attitude AC 08