Candied No.19

Candied No.19

Cute new releases from NS::

  • NS::  Kawaii  Hoddie  and leggins (mesh)
    • NS:: Kawaii Hoddie and leggins (100L$)
      NS:: Kawaii 2 Hoddie and leggins (100L$)
      NS:: Kawaii 3 Hoddie and leggins (100L$)
      NS:: Kawaii 4 Hoddie and leggins (100L$)
      PS. You can use only hoddie or hoddie with leggins 🙂 
  • NS::  Kawaii Sleep Mask (HUD)
    • 100% mesh , 6 nice designs with HUD


  • Rings: {PopTart} Cupcake Rings (HUNT: 5L)
  • Hair: [mp] devil hair(wear) (1L @marketplace)
  • Teeth: [M] Braces Teefs
  • Skin: Deesses Skins: Naomie – cold milk ** NEW **
  • Nails: *MC* Slink Avatar Emhancement Nail HUD – Fancy Set
  • Hands: Slink


Thank you so much for all awesome items designers! I love it so much!


Plugs: ::DTA:: |White Hollow Inch Plugs
Shirt: {K}Rea   |T-shirt Afro
Tattoo: ::DTA::  |Oceanic Beast Tattoo
Gloves: .:Hermony:. 1L
Pants: ::DTA:: |Signature Denim
Pose: *GP*  |Prissy

Location: sick

Will you be standing there?

Hello! Happy Saturday night lovers. How are you doing? Hope with full of love ❤

  • Well, tonight I’m going to show you this cutiest skin from my sweetheart’s shop called PINK ACID. This is her first released skin, looks a barbie doll, no? Haha. Very cute! She also have a lot of lipsticks in many color – HQ! Go and check it because I recommend her work! ❤
  • Woot! Stylish tops from Anymore… store! It’s sculpt, and looks very hot. The side is possible to see a little of the breast lines. Other stamps says about ROCK things. Like, Punk princess, rolling stones, Sex pistols. VERY COOL! I love it!


Hair *new* Fab-u-lous ❤ ありがとう!
Pose Purple Poses ❤ MTOBG!

Leggings Candy Metal *part of the dollarbie outfit*
Role skate *old gift* justB

Wisky calls me.

Hello, how are you doing folks!

The FINAL seasons hunt just started, I ran to ❤ Look that such a lovely hair called Apple, so cutie and have others tones included too. And you, still not hunting? What are you waiting for?

Go at their flickr group and check the items.

When: October 15 to October 29th – Find: the pumpkins !

Happy hunting,

… and if you need some help, this is the group in-world!

Rose Lips


  • Deetalez: Tights – High waist skirt (sexy back) – Tops – Inner undies black *tyvm^^*
    (check the other pic to see the white version undies )
  • Maitreya: Shoes (subs. gift)
  • Candydoll: Skin (LoVe!)
  • Hair (seasons FINAL hunt item)
  • Pink Acid: Lipstick
  • Connors: Doll – So cute! and just 1L, available in 3 types.

Whore Katy

  • T.Whore: NEW (FIRST) SHOES – Katy *tyvm^^*
  • Aitui: Ears
Bottom image:

  • Boon: Hair (past event item)
  • Foot: aDiva
My wisky!!!
Hey, I'm here, dear wisky.

Hugs ❤


  • Corset “Corset Lust Hunt” LOULOU&CO (cópia prim do poster da hunt / Prim copy of hunt sign) FREE
  • Bermuda saruel / Saruel shorts “MHOH6” Micoolie (símbolo masculino amarelo / male symbol yellow) FREE
  • Cabelo / Hair “MHOH6” Dura (símbolo masculino amarelo / male symbol yellow) FREE

Heartbreaker – 25L$ Wednesday from *diavolicious*



dress: Heartbreaker from *diavolicious* – (25L$ – ONLY TODAY)

glasses: Heart Shaped Glasses – Silver from !!KKBB!! – (1L$)

skin: Corinne skin from CIA Designs @ E U P H O R I A – (0L$ – hunt gift)

stockings: Black hot stockings from Vita’s Boudoir @ E U P H O R I A – (0L$ – hunt gift)

hair: Brownie – Platinum from “LoQ Hairs”  @ E U P H O R I A – (0L$ – hunt gift)

earrings: Baquette earrings from ~SIGMA~Jewels @ E U P H O R I A – (0L$ – hunt gift)

shoes: Neyya * Toe-cap Grey from Maitreya – ( 375L$)

Hey Bus!

Olá pessoal, tudo bem? Espero que sim 🙂 Desculpem a ausência e vim dizer que a tendência é piorar haha pois vou começar um curso, estou animada. Mas vou estar sempre checando o blog, se possível me informem das novidades deixando comentários, vou adorar responder vocês 🙂

Fiz essa postagem correndo, faz dias já que estou planejando uma roupa legal pra blogar e olhem o resultado, gostaram? Como estou correndo, algumas lojas ficaram sem links por causa que é “objeto” então some o perfil do dono. Não fiquem bravas tá! 😀

Olha que lugar perfeito, querem ir lá né, aqui vai o link [ TP ], boas fotos! Postem [ nesse ] espaço aqui as fotos que vocês tirarem lá, participe do Bagunçário também 😀 Estarei esperando tá bom.
OBS: É possível andar de moto, carro, bicicleta e tal neste sim! Carregue seu objeto na area que você vai ficar quando teletransportar(dentro da area fechada). Depois é só clicar na placa e AGREE e curtir com os amigos. Mas por favor, procure não incomodar quem estiver lá. Vamos preservar o local 🙂


Headband – (Elate!) Group Gift
Skin – *JeSyLiLO*:::Buty:::*TanSkin*J1 NEW loved it Lilo!
Belt – :OW: Waist-Hi Belt V3 (available?)
Stocking – .:*WAvE.:* stocking dots seethrow 1 Free Wall
Hair – Yuna’s hair Group Gift
Glasses – artilleri Welcome Subs. Gift
Gloves – Cadeau COCO & CO #11 Closing Sales
Skirt/earings – :::LiNe::: Lala & Suzy / Dreams loved it Zippir! Nonfree
Bag/leg-warmer – M2M, YC_HandBag – Blue Leather/A FEIRA amei Yumi!
Pose – Purple Poses new 10L amei Audrinha! Cheap
Pumps – Baby Monkey, Bardot Pump – Pink Leopard 1L
Tops – Beautiful Dirty Rich, Lilac Obsession Free Marketplace Item

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Haaallon! Are you happy today? haha. I hope YES! Well I come to talk in English today, lol. So I wanted to know if you are having trouble in read that blog in Portuguese using the translator on sidebar. You didn’t known about it? Of course no, yes?! lol. It’s NEW here on Bagunçário. Do not forget to use it if I write my post in Portuguese. I hope you all are enjoying this blog which WE made with FULL OF LOVE for you all. And I want to say Thank you so much for the Bagunçário’s bloggers too ❤ for blogging always very nice content here.  I’m sure the translation aren’t 100% but we understand, lol.

Babai ❤

[ Leia em Português ]

jesylilo <3


  • Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::HoT:::*DarkSkin*J2(Makeup)* ( Shiny ) *nofree* Thank you ❤
  • Eyes:>IMANI< Ibiza Eyes Yellow *5L sales, available?*
  • Dress: Mimi’s Denim Dress *free*
  • Nails:* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Taste the Rainbow Nails *1L*
  • Jacket: izm.jacket 1st anniversary gift
  • Hair: *Hazzard* -Instance- Cocoa Brown Hair *free, LC* ❤ Obrigada Denise ❤

PS: The pose is from the AO, CHICA BOOM! by VISTA

barbee. Japanese-tic

barbee mini hunt

Oieeeee! Primeiro post meu de 2011! Como foi de festa gente? Espero que sem tristezas, fala sério! Apesar do ano 2010 ter sido muito triste desejo felicidades a todos nós. Que nesse próximo ano podemos ter muito amor e saúde, sem esquecer da paz.

– Créditos –
Kimono: barbee. HUNT KIIMONO “REBIRTH GIFT ” OBS: Geta não é incluído
Cabelo/hair: -dDx- Lux (Black) + hairbase  (free?)
Cigarro: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ADDICT Cig (long, smoke & ash) / nonfree

Pose: Purple Pose -antigo- 5L cada, 25L fatpack ❤ obrigada!
Skin&shape: .::Mother Goose’s::.Papa  (disponível?)

Pose: Purple Pose -lançamento-  10L cada, 40L fatpack ❤ obrigada!
Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Japanesque skin02 / LB ❤ Yumi!
Cílios/eyelashes: Bohemia [ glow ] studio Eyelashes – Raindrop / dollarbie

Be a present for him for Christmas! Only today, for only 25L$ :)

Be a present for him for Christmas ;)

Be a present for him for Christmas ;)

dress: Present Dress from *diavolicious* – (25L$ – ONLY TODAY)

stockings: lace stockings (White) from *.amato.* – (oL$)

tattoo: Hug me… don’t club me from T&P for WALH – (0L$ – hunt gift, hint: “Hug me on the couch!”)

hair: MIKAKO*BLACK* from ((JUNWAVE)) – (2L$ – fatpack)

skin: Girls Skin Gift from (x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x) for MCWNY – (0L$ – hunt gift, hint : “Don’t drop the ball it’ll hurt”)

shoes: Candy Flats (Red) from !!KKBB!! – (1L$)


*WALH – Winter Animal Lovers Hunt – (ends Jan 4th)

*MCWNY – Mix Christmas with New Year HUNT (ends Jan 2nd)

12 days of Christmas Event

Exodi & WoE
NOTECARD Beginning today, Exodi & WoE will be giving away 12 presents at the tree in the center of the sim! One present will appear in front of the tree, PER DAY – so come every day if you want to collect all twelve! Once the present for that day is gone, it won’t be coming back! The first presents are out and ready to be claimed! Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!


H&S Village Presents
NOTECARD Hi, String Pullers! We’re starting a special holiday event in H&S Village today – we did this last year, too, and it was kinda awesome. 🙂 It’s the 12 Days event – every day, from Dec 13 thru Dec 24, partcipating merchants will have one item in their shop that’s set for just $1L! It’ll be a different item each day, and always just $1L for that day!!