Interested in blogging with us? APPLY HERE.
I will contact you from Flickrmail.


  1. Post minimum 3 per month. 1 per week would be great!
  2. If there is personal reason to not be active blogging, during 3 months, please notify me. If I don’t receive any messages, I will be removing your account from the list.
  3. Publish only one post per day. Just think in a good balance with others authors. (Being separated days have high percentage to more people “like” your post)
  4. Obligatory: Add tags relationed about your post, category and title.
    (It helps others find your article more easily)
  5. No nudity. (feeds don’t accept it)
  6. Optional but it will help Bagunçário: Help advertise Bagunçário by adding your Bagunçário linkpost at Facebook, Flickr etc. We have “Bagunçário” fanpage link too.
  7. IMPORTANT: Do not upload pictures on Bagunçário. Check here how to use Flickr codes in your posts. Much easier way: Copy your original post and paste here to publish.
  8. Publish full post with surls linked.
  9. You can advertise your blog/flickr links above your posts too 🙂 E.g. “Follow Flor at Flickr / Blog” (linked)


  • You are special So, I made a logo for the VIPs Bloggers! Put the logo on the sidebar linked 😉 I hope you like it! See it here (full image) for download ^^
  • If you don’t want to add the picture, add Bagunçário in your blogroll.


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