Make Him Over Hunt 4 – Male Outfits!

Hi everyone, I recently finished the “Make Him Over Hunt 4”, and wanted to show some of the outfits that I created with the prizes I won from it. The hunt is still open until October 20, so hurry if you (or a friend) want to win too!

Shirt: BalAni – Black Knit Turtleneck (MHOH4 Prize #12)
Pants: Alphamale – Worker Blue Jeans (MHOH4 Prize #2)

Jacket: ALI COUTURE – AC Juno Jacket (MHOH4 Prize #54)
Shirt: [name pending] – Octopus Teeshirt (MHOH4 Prize #53)
Pants: JUICE Fresh Menswear – Dirty Mucker Jeans (MHOH4 Prize #85)

Jacket: Myself – Clothes & Accessories – Formal Waistcoat (MHOH4 Prize #93)
Shirt: Myself – Clothes & Accessories – Formal T-Shirt (MHOH4 Prize #93)
Pants: HARDWEAR – Wrinkled Jeans (MHOH4 Prize #106)

Shirt: PEER – Boy Mesh Shirt (MHOH4 Prize #93)
Pants: subVersion – Blue Jeans (MHOH4 Prize #130)