Its A Love Hate Thing

Its A Love Hate Thing

What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / Bang [Marketplace]

Chain / Buc x Benjaminz @Kustom9

Shirt / Atoms Tokyo *NEWW*

Pants / Diram *NEWW*

Sneakers / 2Real *NEWW*

Pose / Pose Maniacs *NEWW* Trey 

The Camera Flash Hurts My Eyes

The Camera Flash Hurts My Eyes

What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / BANG 

Downvest / Mikunch @TMD

Pants / KalRau

Sneakers / Shoeminati *NEWW*

Neck Tattoo / Bolson 



What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / Bang 

Tattoo / SwaggedOut *NEWW* 

Shirt / GAS *Neww*

Pants / Excellence 

Boots / Nikotin

Bracelet & Watch / Benjaminz 

Necklace / Flow 

Beard / Unorthodox 

Hairbase / Unorthodox


Basketball Awards

School Festival

What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / BANG [Marketplace]

Medal / Benjaminz @XSF

Basketball Outfit / Xin @XSF

Sneakers / Flite @TMD

The Come Back

The Final Wait

On Romeo

Snapback / BANG [Marketplace]

Eyes / Blow-Up @BodyModExpo 

Chain / Grandeur 

Band / CheerNo 

Bracelet & Watch / Benjaminz 

Sweater / Excellence *NEWW*

Pants / Excellence *NEWW*

Boots / FLite @BodyModeExpo 


Sir Scruffs

Sir Scruffs.1

On Romeo

Snapback / BANG [Marketplace]

Beard / Deco *NEWW*

Chain / LAU

Jacket / Xin @Fameshed

Pants / SpiritStore

Sneakers / FLite @TMD [OctoberRound]

Ring / .:E.A.Studio:. @TheBodyModExpo

Tattoo / SwaggedOut

Hennessy, Was You Sent To Me?


Had to do what our followers been requesting for and My brother and I collab’d once again! Check it out

On Romeo

Snapback / #BANG  [Marketplace] 

Ears / CheerNo

Necklace / Dossier

Shirt / Pumpkin *NEWW*

Shorts / Vale Koer @TMD [October Edition]

Watch & Bracelet / Benjaminz

Sneakers / Shoeminati *NEWW*

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