Bagunçário’s #1 Challenge for 2012!

Hello all!

Happy new year!!!! very late, I’m so sorry. But from heart, I’m wishing to you all the greatest year with full of love, peace, happiness and blessed by God. I’m in love with our lovelies baguncarians bloggers who makes this blog beautiful day after day! You agree, yes?

This new year, I also want to tell about our newest bloggers, welcomeeee! *claps*:

  • Nestag Itano 
  • Justyna Magne
  • Renato Hartle
  • Kid Cocaine

We continue with our sweetiepies green/yellow(brazilians) lovelies bloggers *claps*:

  • Yumi Chiuh & Lee Kujisawa
  • Yume Cluny & Stopaa Metuna
  • Kakaw Denimore


I decided to make a hot CHALLENGE to our baguncarians! (but you, visitor can participe too, just leaving comments with the link of your image) I hope their likes it. haha! Well, It will prove how much you can use the PHOTOSHOP and your creativity. So, the 2012 first challenge is:

“As real as RL human” – I believe in tecnics, so It will show how much you can transform your  SL avatar like real human. Are you ready?


  • Backgrounds or texts is optional.
  • Do not abuse if you are thinking in use some nudity, have a sense please. *lmao*

For the awesome designers. I’m so sorry for taking long to blog the new itens. I’m having a serious problems with the viewers, crashing or freezing all the time. It’s making me sad 😦 Be patient with me please. As soon as possible I’ll be here posting ❤


With love,


Challenge #2 – If I was a man…. ;) + awesome gift for men :)



This is me, Risika, if I was a man 😉 Yep! Short, cute and kinda Japanese hahahaha 😀


outfit (warm sweater + pants with sculpted pockets): ReinMyDear from *diavolicious* for MHOH5 – (0L$ – hunt gift, hint: “There was a revolution and one of thrones fell”)

shoes: LeatherShoes from .::PeppermintBlue::. – (0L$ – subscribe’o’matic gift)

hair: Echo/ Dark Browns from Exile – (250L$ for 6 brown colours)

skin: M_SKIN_ID 2043-3 from <TheAbyss> – (1400L$)

shape: <A> SHAPE_2043-A [1.95m_6’5″] from <TheAbyss> – (500L$)


(OMG, I made this challenge! FINALLY :D)

Jovy for #2 Challenge!

  • HEY! I DID IT!
    Sorry for the guys, maybe the almost items on that pic are no long available. Lot of things on my “bagunçário”, I could find nice things there haha! It’s like museum of sl, laugh~

Hatphone: Spiders Design *old hunt gift item
Skin: Mother Goose’s, David LB
Pose: Izumiya * free
Shape: Mother Goose’s, Papa ShapE * old gift
Skybox: aju, tori box * free
Coffee cup: ::LEO-NT:: * free, ps: group fee 60L
Shirt: MAKNIE  *new LB: TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRTS (love the title,lol)
Shoes: Adjunct *MM gift, still available?
Pants: Syaka *The store was closed on October 31.

Took a long time to take the pic of my boy but now there is him. What do you think 😀 isn’t so pretty boy? ahahahhaha

I made a little story too, have fun!