Be a present for him for Christmas! Only today, for only 25L$ :)

Be a present for him for Christmas ;)

Be a present for him for Christmas ;)

dress: Present Dress from *diavolicious* – (25L$ – ONLY TODAY)

stockings: lace stockings (White) from *.amato.* – (oL$)

tattoo: Hug me… don’t club me from T&P for WALH – (0L$ – hunt gift, hint: “Hug me on the couch!”)

hair: MIKAKO*BLACK* from ((JUNWAVE)) – (2L$ – fatpack)

skin: Girls Skin Gift from (x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x) for MCWNY – (0L$ – hunt gift, hint : “Don’t drop the ball it’ll hurt”)

shoes: Candy Flats (Red) from !!KKBB!! – (1L$)


*WALH – Winter Animal Lovers Hunt – (ends Jan 4th)

*MCWNY – Mix Christmas with New Year HUNT (ends Jan 2nd)

Umbrella Dress – 25L$ Wednesday dress from *diavolicious*

Umbrella Dress

Umbrella Dress

dress+umbrella+gloves+veil+leggins+shoes: Umbrella Dress from *diavolicious* – (25L$ – ONLY TODAY)

hair: MINAMI*BLACK* from JUNWAVE – (2L$ – fatpack)

skin: ColdBurn from QuickSand for MCWNY – (0L$ – hunt gift)


*MCWNY – Mix Christmas with New Year HUNT (ends Jan 2nd)

December Wedding Dress! – 25L$ Wednesday at *diavolicious* :)

December Wedding

December Wedding

dress: December Wedding Dress from *diavolicious* – (25L$ – ONLY TODAY)

skin: Winter Queen from .::Deviant Style::. – (0L$ – LIMITED group gift)

eyes: Eyes 01 Set 8 from E S S E N C E S – (0L$ – group gift)

hair: PUNK Girl*GOLD* from JUNWAVE – (40L$ – 50% sale)

If I was a Pikachu… ;) – 44L Sat-Sun-Sale Y-Duck

Pikachu Inspired ^.^

Pikachu Inspired ^.^

dress+stocking+headband+tail: Pikachu Inspired by *diavolicious* for 44L Sat-Sun-Sale Y-DuCK – (44L$ – ONLY THIS WEEKEND)

hair: Mikki ~ Lime from Amacci – (35L$ for a crazy pack, available until Nov.30th)

skin: Noe Lipstick Swirlies from [ESUGA] – (0L$ – lucky board)

shoes: MOD Heel Left fitted gold from Vinyl Cafe – (25L$)

eyes: Assorted Free Eyes Hatsuhi from *.amato.* – (0L$)

make-up: Make up layer 5 from {Glam Affair}@EUPHORIA – (85L$)

Only 25L$, only today – sexy, clubby dress from *diavolicious* :)

Clubby, Sexy Dress - 25L$ Wednesday

dress: Clabby Dress from *diavolicious* – (25L$ – ONLY TODAY)

make-up: Make up layer 3 from {Glam Affair}@EUPHORIA – (85L$)

hair: ~ Mary ~ 5am from * RezIpsa Loc *

November Wedding :) – 25L$ Wednesday

November Wedding - 25L$ Wednesday

dress+lingerie+stockings+headband: November Wedding Ecru Dress from *diavolicious* – (25L$ – ONLY TODAY)

skin: Natalie – Snow Queen from Eye Candi for TMFWH – (0L$ – hunt gift)

eyes: Sep_bunnymoon from *.amato.* – (0L$)

hair: *Suki* – Silver from ::RubisoHo:: – (0L$ – lucky board)

jewelery: ::je::suis::tente::euphoria::full set from {Je suis}@EUPHORIA(99L$ one piece, 149L$ one color of full set, 390L$ whole set)


*TMFWH – Top Model Fall Winter Hunt (ends Nov. 30th)

Woman in a red dress

Woman in a red dress

dress+choker: Freya Dress from *diavolicious* at Fashion House – (50L$ – only available until 15th)

skin: Aimesi Skin Glamour Cream Fall Hunt from Aimesi for AFH – (10L$ – hunt gift 3)

hair: *Suki* – Onyx from ::RubisoHo:: – (0L$ – lucky board)

shoes: 10.0 Red from ILLA SHOES – (10L$)

eyes: Aimesi Eyes Fall Hunt from Aimesi for AFH – (10L$ – hunt gift 1)

eyelashes: Aimesi Eye Lashes Fall Hunt from Aimesi – (10L$ – hunt gift 7)

ring: Rose Ring (red) from *diavolicious* – (0L$ – lucky chair)

*AFH – Aimesi Fall Hunt (Nov. 6-20), look for 7 mushrooms, each costs 10L$

Glamorous :)


dress: Requiem pour une s  ur perdue from World’s End Garden – (oL$ – group gift)

shoes: Madeleine rose red from .:: Prowincja ::. at ::: Freebiesowo ::: – (0L$)

boa+gloves: Fur Store&Gloves SET from Gabriel – (1L$ – LIMITED TIME)

hair: ::AMBA:: Mocha(ponpon) from .+*Heart Softens*+. – (0L$ – lucky board)

make-up: Lovely Mi Make-up for SL 2.0 from Eshi Otawara – Shop – (0L$)

eyes: Black eyes from :: INka skins ::

Cold City :)


hair: ::RIKE:: Mocha from .+*Heart Softens*+. – (0L$ – lucky board)

dress: Dress “Night” from -MonS- – (50L$ – SALE)

shoes: Zimmy Flats  – faded denim from Shiny Things – (0L$ – group and subscribe’o’matic gift)

skin: Castalia Halloween Gift from – Glam Affair – – (0L$ – group gift, 30L$ to join the group)

bracelet: BRACELET cross white from *JD* Design – (80L$)

eyes: Blue Eyes from :: INka skins :: – (0L$ – group gift)

Cute little ferret is from ~Demons & Angels~ – adorable little fellow 😀 You can have it on your shoulder or in the bag 🙂

Angel’s outfit on 40L$ Saturday :)


outfit – Angel from *diavolicious* – (40L$ – ONLY TODAY)

hair – *Belinda*(Golden Wheat)_M (it’s a fatpack) from * Zero Style * – (0L$ – group gift)

skin – Blanche from ::: I CE COCO ::: – (0L$ – lucky board)

eyes – Golden Eyes from INka Skins

Behind the mask

Behind the mask

full avatar (w/o shape) – ALB COMMEDIA dell’ ARTE Halloween FULL AVATAR from ALB DREAM FASHION by AnaLee Balut for Halloween Hunt – (15L$ – hunt gift, normal price is 2000L$!)


*Halloween Hunt – It’s a hunt on LAMU sim, you have to find 15 pumpkins, each cost 1L$ (search the whole sim w/o the palace place and Lorellas italien store)

Extreme Halloween Makeover by Risika :)





dress + shoes – Automnish from *diavolicious* – (0L$ – group and subscribe’o’matic gift)

hair – Hair 2010 Halloween Gift A from KMH – (0L$)

skin + shape – Skin Melody with shape from Crystal Skin – (0L$ – lucky board)

eyes  – Damage Chance – Barcode from Damage Virtual Clothing for ILTBH – (0L$ – hunt gift, hint:“Find the cage with the velvet pillow.”)

bag – Pumpkin bag09/BL from SEY – (0L$ – group gift)



Bat Queen!

dress – Bat Queen from *diavolicious* at Haloween Fair – (10L$)

bracelets – Bracelets Cross from *JD* Design – (100L$)

skin – Radiant Skin Fair/Seductive from !!KKBB!! – (10L$)

eyes – Blue Eyes (box with 6 colors) from Inka – (5L$)

shoes – Vinyl Laced Heels Black from !!KKBB!! – (10L$)