Me, Myself & I

Trip_001 (1)

when i was down, when i was down where was you at?

when i was down, when i was down where was you at?

as long as i kept my cash out (cash out) all i need is me, myself and I

i lost my trust when i gave it out (i gave it out)

now ill never let it slide as long as i kept my cash out (cash out)

all i need is me, myself and I i lost my trust when i gave it out (i gave it out)

now ill never let it slide ohh i seen all of these changes thats where i wanna be

I have bad bitches at my door i cannot trust anymore ever since you left through that door

Lamar Hair / Y-U 

Kazuki Goatee / Volkstone @NeoJapan

Real Eyes Tattoo / Speakeasy @Limit8

Lroah Ring -gold(L) Signature / BJewla @Mainstore

Mains Boxers / Fli. @Mainstore

[18k] Diamond Tags / Vexiin

Rope Bracelet 18k / Vexiin 

Thermal Socks / Vale Koer ‘Group Gift’ 

 Ankle Sprinters / Semller @TMD

Malcom Pose / Animosity 

 ‘Bunkbed (Light)’ Sleep Over Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘Retro-Brick Lamp’ Sleepover Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

PlayHard. Bottle FATPACK / Xenials

‘Cube Chair (incomplete)’ Sleepover Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘CTRL Table’ Sleep Over Set (5 Texture Options) / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘Retro Robot’ Sleepover Set (6 Texture Options) / [Bad Unicorn]  @Fameshed

‘Lag’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn] 

‘Noob’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn] 

‘Try-Hard’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn]

Mary Janes ‘Nuggets Bowl’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Mary Janes ‘Grinder’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Mary Janes ‘Lisp Lighter’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Shirihama Stilt House / [Bad Unicorn] @TMD

NOMAD // R.C Racing Game

Mates Pizza / [Bad Unicorn] 


Six Dreams

Six Dreams


De Vil Hair Fatpack / Unorthodox @MonsieurChic *LIMITED*

Pralou Eyebrows / Unorthodox @MonsieurChic

Gold “Classic” Chains / :HX

Nolex Ring Gold / Fli

 X7 Smartphone / BadUnicorn 

Kings Bracelet Gold / Benjaminz 

Motus Chronometer Black / ValeKoer 

Juice Bracelet / Benjaminz 

Ethika Assorted Boxers / Fli 

Sad Boys Tattoo / Dappa @BuyNowSL




Drak Hair Chocolate / Unorthodox @HairFair

Ankh Necklace Gold / Fli 

Boxing Glove Red / KHOI + REP @Epiphany 

Boxing Shorts / KHOI + REP –  “Slink” @Epiphany 

550x – Black & White / [Shoeminati] *NEWW*


Verano House / Bad Unicorn @Ultra 

Punching Bag/Black – DavidHeather 

Boxing Glove “Gray” / KHOI + REP @Epiphany 

Bench Press / N4RS

Duffle Bag + Longboard RARE / Represent @Epiphany 

Dankwheel “Gold”  RARE / Represent @Epiphany

Boxing Backpack “White” RARE / KHOI + REP @Epiphany 

Fitness Weights and Water / TA

No Limit Like P

No Limit Like P


Button Cap / Benjaminz

Thick Cuban Chain / Fli @MOM

x7 Smartphone / BadUnicorn 

Really Big Ring / .B

Motus Chronometer Black / ValeKoer

Shorts Iluzy / Excellence

xBoost / Shoeminati @MOM

Red Cash Duffle Bag / HX:




Jodye Braids / Unorthodox 

Diamond Grill / Fli *NEWW*

40Colt&Bullets -Chain .B @TheVillageFair

Flannel Button Down / Represent 


Just A Typical Gamer

total rage


Hype Dad Cap / Fli *NEWW*

Jodye Braids / Unorthodox *NEWW*

YungBuddah -Chain//OffGolds/ *NEWW* .B

Kingz Bracelet / Benjaminz

Cropped Sarrouel Pants02 Khaki / Chronokit @TMD

Nike Pro Boxers “Omega” / Fli

Black Signature Slide Sandals [Gold] / HX: @TMD


[Bad Unicorn] Lay-zee Gamer Dual Setup @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Space Grey’ Lay-zee Gamer Seat @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] Lay-zee VR Headset @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Space Grey’ Lay-zee Gamer Speaker @TMD



What Do You See

What do you see 1Lookbook

Odell Hair Ombre / Unorthodox 

KingTattoo / Dappa @ShinyShabby

Grail JP. Chain/Bum

Really Big Rings/Bum

Camo 6ix Shoulder Bomber :HX @UltraEvent

Tank top- Black- Solid / [Pumpkin]

Distressed Denim / Vale Koer @UltraEvent 

Juice Watch / Benjaminz 

X7 Smartphone / BadUnicorn @UltraEvent

Kingz Ring / Benjaminz

The Beezy Boosts / Vale Koer




Drifting Far From You

Rough And Edgy


Vader Hoodie “Slink” / 2BYTE x REP @XV Event 

Arrow Necklace Gold / Benjaminz @XV Event 

XV Waist Shirts  “Slink ” / 2BYTE x REP  @XV Event

Worn Knee Jeans “Slink” / 2BYTE x REP @XV Event 

X7 Smartphone / Bad Unicorn @UltraEvent

Cuban Link Bracelet / Fli.

Lumbertrail Boots / Vale Koer

L’Etre – Contemporary Hall.


League Of My Own

League Of My Own


Vicious Beard / Unorthodox 

2BN Casual Blazer: Tweed Grey (M-TMP) / Kauna @Fameshed 

2BN Casual Shirt: Blue [CT] (M-TMP) / Kauna @Fameshed 

2BN Waistcoat: Tweed Grey (M-TMP) / Kauna @Fameshed

2BN Trousers: Tweed Grey (M) [LONG] / Kauna @Fameshed

Mesh Allen Shoes – Black / [ hoorenbeek ]

Ankh Necklace Gold / Fli @BWS

watch no.39 Spider / *chronokit*

Rosewood Frame / Benjaminz 

L’Etre – Art Gallery.


I Am The Plug

I Am The Plug


Omari Hair Chocolate / Unorthodox

The Plug Necklace Gold / Benjaminz @TMD

Double Sleeve Hoodie / Represent @TMD

Essential Skinny Joggers / Represent @TMD

Black Currency Duffle Bag / HX: @TMD

12x PSNYC / [Shoeminati] *NEWW*

Money Clip – Common #11 – Tan / Flite

Concrete Jungle Gasmask Backdrop / HX: @TMD


Who Is Bad?



Choppa Hair / Unorthodox *NEWW*

Choppa Beard / Unorthodox *NEWW*

My Death Tattoo TMP / Dappa @BuyNowEvent

Owl Necklace Rosegold / Fli *NEWW*

 “FEAR” Tetra Bracelet / BadUnicorn 

Motus Chronometer Black / ValeKoer


German Whippin’

German Whippin


Throne Tattoo / Dappa

Clif Beanie / BadUnicorn

Gold Mercy Two Chains / BadUnicorn

watch no.39 Spider / chronokit 

T-Shert_Tavin_TMP / [ Excellence ] @ShinyShabby

Short_Tavin_TMP / [ Excellence ] @ShinyShabby


[Bad Unicorn] Flat Basketball @Epiphany 

[Bad Unicorn] Water Bottle & Towel @Epiphany 

HM BW 4M Red

L’Etre – The Street.


Born Bad

Born Bad


Odell Hair Hombre / Unorthodox @TMD

Born Bad Tattoo / Dappa @SirMonthly 

VolFlyBird-Chain / Bum.

Motus Chronometer Black Watch / ValeKoer

Kingz Bracelet  / Benjaminz

Supreme Boxers / Fli. 

Ranger Boots / Benjaminz @TSP