Tres Amigos



On Malachi 

Beanie / BUC

Sweater ::GB:: @TheSeasonsStory

Pants / Grandeur 

Boots / FLIte @BodyModExpo

For Logan’s Credits Click Here

On Tyrell 

Hairbase / Unorthodox 

Beard / Unorthodox 

Bag / Vale Koer 

Sweater / ::GB::  @TheSeasonsStory 

Chain / Random.Matter @BodyModExpo 

Pants / Marcelo Antonioli 

Sneakers / Shoeminati *NEWW*

The Come Back

The Final Wait

On Romeo

Snapback / BANG [Marketplace]

Eyes / Blow-Up @BodyModExpo 

Chain / Grandeur 

Band / CheerNo 

Bracelet & Watch / Benjaminz 

Sweater / Excellence *NEWW*

Pants / Excellence *NEWW*

Boots / FLite @BodyModeExpo 


Can I Hold That?

Can I Hold That?

On Romeo 

Snapback / BUC

Hair / Xin [Group Gift] 

Tattoo /  SwaggedOut *Neww*

Bracelet / Sabotage

Backpack / Benjaminz @TheGachaMania

Flask / FLite @Secret Affair 

Watch / FLite @Kustom9

Shorts / Grandeur 

Sneakers / FLite @Kustom9



– Anuska –

Skin: ** [PUMEC]  – .:TANYA:. – SKIN – Autumn ** – NEW

Tattoo: Infected – Mafia

Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Willow 2

Cap: [CA] Unisex Hash Bag Leather Fitted Noir – @TSF2 – NEW

Jacket: MoDANNA [Graphique Collection] Hooded Sweatshirt Golden @TSF2 NEW

Jeans: .:villena:. – tucked up jeans Black

Boots: [NikotiN] SplitRock Heels (Classic) Gacha

Bag: [BUC] “Yellow” Dillinger Duffle Bag @TheGacha ManiaNEW

Ring: [whatever] SWAG ring – gold @ThriftshopNEW

– Emi –

Hair: Unorthodox Frohawk – Noir – @TSF2NEW

Shirt: !Grandeur! GREY Casual Tee VNeck @TSF2NEW

Pants: DAPPA – Capris – PAISLEY – NEW 

Septum: ^^Swallow^^ Septum Ring Gold 2 – @TDRNEW

Tattoo: Speakeasy :: Shadow Moses BLK – NEW

Necklace [MANDALA] INARI – NEW Ty Anuska ❤

Earring: J/M – Genesis Magnet Earring – Spike Onyx/P.Gold @TDM – NEW

Shoes: [NikotiN] SplitRock (Classic) Gacha

Bag: [BUC] “Montana” Dillinger Duffle Bag RARE @TheGachaMania -NEW

King Kicks

Kingin Kicks

On Romeo

Hairbase / Unorthodox

Shirt / Grandeur @SwagFest

Pants / Grandeur @SwagFest

Chain / Dossier

Sneakers / Flite @SwagFest

Pose / Unorthodox

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

On Romeo (Right)

Hair / Unorthodox

Chain / Renegade

Polo / L A U *NEWW*

Shorts / Barmaley

Panel Hat / BUC *NEWW*

Sneakers / 2Real *NEWW*

On Malachi (Left)

Hair: Unorthodox -Slightwork Curls Noir Steebie

Headband: L A U – Holy Vision Bandana .

Chain: !Grandeur! DBL

Shirt: L A U – USA Double Stripe Polo

Shorts: D R O P . Bermuda Shorts (Beige) 

Shoe: [FL] Frontline Estebans

One Million Thoughts

One Million Thoughts

On Romeo

Snapback / Grandeur

Ears / CheerNo *NEWW*

Chain / Ryca 

Bracelets / Ryca

Tattoo / SwaggedOut 

Pants / Kal Rau *NEWW*

Sneakers / Flite @N°21 

Pose 1 / Unorthodox

Pose 2 / Unorthodox

Billionaire Boys

Billionaire Boys

On Vinny (Left)

Click Here For Vinny’s Credits

On Romeo (Right)

Beard & Hairbase / Unorthodox

Snapback / Grandeur *New*

Chains / Grandeur *New*

Shirt / Ison @TMD

Sneakers / Sabotage *New*

Pose / LAU


Natural Born Killer

Bringing 88 Back

On Romeo

Snapback / Grandeur *New*

Chains / Grandeur *New*

Backpack / [BUC]

Shirt / Xiaj @TMD

Pants / Barmaley *New*

Sneakers / Flite *No Longer Available*


Dxpechef Remake

Outfit One

On Romeo

Chain / Renegade

Hoodie / Pumpkin *New*

Shorts / Barmaley

Sneakers / Shoeminati *New* [Left Pair]

Pose / L A U *New*

On Romeo

Outfit Two

Snapback / Flite *Might Not Be Available*

Shirt / !Grandeur 

Pants / Atoms Tokyo

Sneakers / Frontline *New* 

Three Migos



On Romeo (Left)

Shades / Sorgo 

Chain / IllmaticXY 

Backpack / AMITOMO. @Kustom9

Romeo Sweater / Xiaj @Rhapsody

Shorts / Xiaj @Rhapsody

Sneakers / Sabotage [LIMITED EDITION] 


For Frankey’s Credits Click Here

On Jabreel (Right) 

Full Outfit From !Grandeur

All Eyez On Me

All Eyez On Me

On Maejor

Snapback / XODOHTRONU 

Glasses / Legal Insanity

Hair / Illmatic XY New

Neck Wallet / Xiaj @TCF

Hoodie / L A U New

Hands / CheerNo

Pants / Sabotage

Key Chain  / Xiaj @TCF

Sneakers / !Grandeur

Pose / Unorthodox New

Rakim & Magoo

Rakim & Magoo

On Marco

Top / Grandeur *New*

Pants /Kal Rau 

Glasses / Sorgo 

Shoes / Rerty

Beanie / [BUC]

Hair / Unorthodox 



On Maejor

Bucket Hat / Sabotage *New*

Chain / Vexiin

Jacket / !Grandeur *New*

Pants / Barmaley

Sneakers / Shoeminati  *New*

Pose / Unorthodox