Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

On Romeo (Right)

Hair / Unorthodox

Chain / Renegade

Polo / L A U *NEWW*

Shorts / Barmaley

Panel Hat / BUC *NEWW*

Sneakers / 2Real *NEWW*

On Malachi (Left)

Hair: Unorthodox -Slightwork Curls Noir Steebie

Headband: L A U – Holy Vision Bandana .

Chain: !Grandeur! DBL

Shirt: L A U – USA Double Stripe Polo

Shorts: D R O P . Bermuda Shorts (Beige) 

Shoe: [FL] Frontline Estebans


Dxpechef Remake

Outfit One

On Romeo

Chain / Renegade

Hoodie / Pumpkin *New*

Shorts / Barmaley

Sneakers / Shoeminati *New* [Left Pair]

Pose / L A U *New*

On Romeo

Outfit Two

Snapback / Flite *Might Not Be Available*

Shirt / !Grandeur 

Pants / Atoms Tokyo

Sneakers / Frontline *New* 

Godly Message

Godly Message

On Maejor

Strapback/ Flite @TMD *New*

Chain / LAU *New*

Shirt / D R O P @TMD

Tattoo / PMS @ The Thrift Shop

Wristband / Atoms Tokyo

Bag / Renegade 

Pants / Villena

Wallet / Xiaj

Sneakers / BLK2.0

Love Hurts

Love Hurts

On Maejor

Hairbase / Unorthodox *New*

Glasses / Legal Insanity 

Chain / Renegade *New*

Tattoo /  SwaggedOut *New*

Pants / Barmaley *New*

Sneakers / Z3 (No Longer Available)

Pose / Unorthodox 

Free Bands


On Maejor

Hair / Unorthodox *New*

Beard / Unorthodox 

Bandana / LAU @TheAppliersExpo

Glasses / Dirtymind *New*

Necklace / Renegade

Shirt / AtomsTokyo

Bracelet / CheerNo

Watch / Frontline 

Pants / IllmaticXY

Poses / Juxtapose @ The Thrift Shop



On Maejor

Hairbase / Unorthodox *New*

Beard / Unorthodox 

Necklace / Renegade *New*

Jacket / Atoms Tokyo *Exclusive*

Shorts / Blvck Anchor @Penumbra Fashion Week

Socks / IllmaticXY *New*



On Maejor

Hair / IllmaticXY x Unorthodox @Kustom9

Shirt / XODOHTRONU  *New*

Chain / Renegade

Nose Ring / Renegade

Shorts / IllmaticXY

Sneakers / Shoeminati

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Sea & Co.


Wearing this brand new sweater from a friend of mine who owns Sea & Co.! check out his store. The items are well detailed !

On Maejor

Snapback / [BUC]

Chain / Renegade @Kustom9

Sweater / Sea & Co. (Marketplace) Brand New!!!!

Pants / Barmaley

Sneakers /Flite @Kustom9

Sex, Drugs & Dubstep



Beard / Unorthodox

Chain / Renegade @Kustom9

Snapback / [BUC]

Shirt / SwaggedOut *New*

Bracetlet / Sabotage

Sneakers / Flite @Kustom9

Pose / Unorthodox




Left Horn Earring / Xiaj @L’accessories 

Beanie / Renegade

Shirt /  D R O P *New* W/Color HUD

Pants / !Grandeur

Sneakers / Flite @TMD

Operation; Kill Bill

Operation- kill Bill OrigiSnapback / [BUC] *Coming Soon*

Bag / Renegade @Kustom9

Boxes / Xiaj @Kustom9

Shirt / D A P P A *New*

Pants / Kal Rau

Sneakers / Flite Clinics

It’s All In The Pandora’s Box

Its All In The Pandora's Box

Hair / Unorthodox

Tattoo / Hiatus

Shoulder Bag / Renegade *New* Rare @kustom9

Boxers / Flow. 

Feet / CheerNo

Pose / Unorthodox