Ain’t Bout To Do

Ain't Bout To Do

What I’m Wearing . 

Snapback / Xodohtronu 

Bag / BUC @TCF

Chain / Benjaminz 

Bracelet / Ryca 

Watch / Mandala 

Shirt / AtomsTokyo *NEWW*

Pants / R3

Sneakers / Benjaminz x Buc @TMD 

Tattoo / Bolson TMP Applier @TMD 

Crenshaw Blvd.

Crenshaw Blvd.

What I’m Wearing 

On The Left

Beanie / BUC

Chain / Ryca

Sweater / .PR. @ @LOS

Jeans / Excellence *NEWW*

On The Right 

Snapback / .Shi. Secondlife Inventory Group Gift

Sweater / .PR.

Pants / Excellence *NEWW*

Sneakers / Atoms Tokyo

Chain / Z3 Not Available 



Bancho Movement


On Romeo 

Beanie / BUC

Sweater / Deadwool @TMD

Ears / CheerNo 

Necklace / Ryca 

Watch / FLite

Necklace 2 / LegalInsanity 

Pants / SpiritStore @TMD

Shoes / BLK2.0 FullPack

It’s Our Secret Affair

Its Our Secret Affair

On Romeo

Mask / FLite @ SecretAffair

Chain / Ryca

Suit / Kauna  *Neww*

Shoes / Kauna *Neww*

Hands / CheerNo

Think… Do It Right

what the heckers

On Romeo

Hair / Unorthodox @ Swagfest

Necklace / Ryca 

Shirt / Dynasty 

Nuckle Ring / Legal Insanity @TMD

Pants / 2Byte @TMD

Sneakers / Flite @TheAracde

Bottle / Amitomo

For The Scenery / What She’s Wearing Credits,  Check Out Electriqejubilee

One Million Thoughts

One Million Thoughts

On Romeo

Snapback / Grandeur

Ears / CheerNo *NEWW*

Chain / Ryca 

Bracelets / Ryca

Tattoo / SwaggedOut 

Pants / Kal Rau *NEWW*

Sneakers / Flite @N°21 

Pose 1 / Unorthodox

Pose 2 / Unorthodox


second life-fashion-pixicat-uber-attitude

Alrighty, Uber just opened and Dreamers Factory hasn’t died yet, so it’s still open, go check out both events, both are ace…This pic though…I kinda love it lol especially the second to last…and I even used the region windlight 😮 which I never do because it doesn’t suit imo lol but the heeeeeeeeeels and the tattssss and the bliiiing, perfecto lol I’m in love….I took this pic in Virtual Decay which is a super cool urban dirty kinda sim, I will definitely be taking more pics there, you can rez stuff there but not for long…which sucks lol but it’s still epic..

SKIN// [the Skinnery] Quiana

HAIRBASE// [ef] – Malaysian 01 Lace Front Caps (Hairbase)

EYEBROWS// [the Skinnery] Bushy Brows

EYES// [the Skinnery] Maple Eyes – Forest Green

LIPS// R.icielli – Candy Makeups / Lipstick

EYELASHES // *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong

HAIR// Analog Dog – Val

EARRINGS// .aisling. Gretchen Earrings

NOSE CHAIN// RYCA – Nose chain

BINDI// MONS / Mesh – Bindi 

GLASSES// ~Tableau Vivant~ Aviator Glasses

TATTOOS// SOURIRES TATTOOS. Doll Mirror @Suicide Dollz Event

LEG CHAIN// Noodles – Thigh Chain Gold

TOP// -Pixicat- Cheeky Top @ Uber

SHORTS// -Pixicat- Cheeky Shorts @ Uber

BAG// =Zenith= Ice Cream Bag @ The Dreamers Factory

SHOES// [ Miseria ] Vamp Stilettos @ N21

BIKE// {vespertine} – dreamers vehicle @ The Dreamers Factory

Buy The World

Buy The World

On Romeo

Hairbase / Unorthodox @ The Hairfair

Beard / Unorthodox

Tunnel Earrings / IllmaticXY

Beanie / BUC @ Bro Couture

Chain / Ryca

Shirt / Marcelo.Antonioli *NEWW*

Pants / Dossier

Pose / Unorthodox

Beach Magnet

Beach Magnet

On Maejor

Hairbase / Unorthodox

Beard / Unorthodox

Chain / IllmaticXY

Bracelet / Ryca

Hands / CheerNo V4

Boxers / Blvck Anchor *New*

Blessing In Disguise

Blessing In Disguise

On Maejor

Hairbase / Unorthodox

Beard / Unorthodox 

Shirt / Howl @TMD

Bag / Xiaj @L’Accessoires 

Pants / SpiritStore @TMD

Shoes / BLK2.0

Watch / Chronokit 

Bracelet / Ryca

Pose / Purple Poses @The Thrift Shop

On Mu’lan

Hair /  . Liquence

Top / (SATRDYS) 

Bottom / ::DirtyMind::

Socks / erratic

Boots / [ hoorenbeek ]

Roll One Or Something



Hairbase / Unorthodox *New*

Beard / Unorthodox

Tattoo / Hiatus *New*

Snapback / [BUC]

Bracelet / Ryca

Shirt / BIC @ The 100 Block

Pants / Pumpkin 

Sneakers / Flite

Pose / .Infiniti. @ The 100 Block

Strictly Vintage

strictly vintage

Hooked up with my son for a double collaboration, enjoy!

On maejor (Right)

Beanie / Atoms Tokyo

Hair / Unorthodox 

Beard / Unorthodox

Teeth / Illmatic

Hands & Hand Tattoos / CheerNo

Bracelet (Left) / Ryca

Shirt / Villena @TMD

Chinos / Villena @TMD

Shoes / BLK2.0 @TMD

For Kenzo’s Credits Click Here

Persian Rugs


On Maejor

Hair & Base / Unorthodox New

Beard / Unorthodox

Tunnel Earrings / IllmaticXY

Horn Earring  / Xiaj 

Hand Tattoos / CheerNo

Jacket / Dozze

Messenger Bag / Xiaj

Bracelet / Ryca

Jeans / Kal Rau

Pose / CheerNo

Pose 2 / Unorthodox


Noir On Noir

ft frankeyBeard & Hairbase/ Unorthodox *New*

Glasses / Xiaj

Chain / Ryca *New*

Hoodie / !Grandeur *New*

Pants / Illmatic

Sneakers / Atoms Tokyo *New*

For Frankeys Credits Click Here

Shoutout To my Bro Frankey For The Picture

Griffey Boys

Griffey Boys

On Maejor

Snapback / [BUC] [Dope Boyz] *New*

Jewellery / Ryca

Shirt / Ronsem

Pants / Flow . 

Sneakers / Grandeur  LIMITED ONLY 50 WILL BE SOLD

On Marco

Shoes / !Grandeur! Black FreshWater Griffey (NEW!!!) 

Shirt /  { tP } . Mesh Jersey 

Pants /  [JuSt CoOl] Sweatpants 

Snapback /  [SHOEMINATI] Snapback Nets 

Bracelet / * S O R G O – SkullBracelet