I Am The Plug

I Am The Plug


Omari Hair Chocolate / Unorthodox

The Plug Necklace Gold / Benjaminz @TMD

Double Sleeve Hoodie / Represent @TMD

Essential Skinny Joggers / Represent @TMD

Black Currency Duffle Bag / HX: @TMD

12x PSNYC / [Shoeminati] *NEWW*

Money Clip – Common #11 – Tan / Flite

Concrete Jungle Gasmask Backdrop / HX: @TMD


Let Me Tell You Whats On My Mind

Let Me Tell You Whats On My Mind

Lookbook : 

Tattoo Fahrenheit / Bolson 

Juice Watch Gold / Benjaminz 

47Special Bracelet / Benjaminz 

Black Jeans TMP/ Invictus 

350x Pirate Black / Shoeminati *NEWW*

On Her:

Essential Underwear / Vale Koer @Uber 

The Essential Leggings / Vale Koer @Kustom9 

The Beezy Boosts / Vale Koer



Sk8 Is Life

Sk8 Is Life


Don C Yankees Strapback ( Backwards ) / FLI.

BapeChain-Gold / Bum. 

LeanCup-I / Bum.

T Shirt Smile TMP / Excellence @MOM

Suspenders Smile / Excellence @MOM

Jeans Smile / Excellence @MOM

Sk8 “True Black” / Shoeminati 


RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Graffiti Garage 

[Bad Unicorn] Broken SK8 Board

[Bad Unicorn] SK8 Spray Cans

[Bad Unicorn] “Grind” Camden Skateboard

The last Of The Struggle

A Picture Of Pure Struggle

What I’m Wearing

Laces Snapback / Luxe

Herringbone Necklace / Shoeminati

Struggle Tattoo / SwaggedOut *NEWW*

BlkWatch / Blk2.0

Scuba Pants / Vale Koer @TMD

The Beezy Boosts / Vale Koer

Trvp LA

Trvp LA

What I’m Wearing

Snapback / BUC @TMD

Chain / Shoeminati 

Tattoo / SwaggedOut @TheSkinFair 

Shirt / PR. *NEWW*

Watch / Benjaminz

Shorts / Dozee

Sneakers / 2REAL *NEWW*

Give Them A Run

Give Them A Run

What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / ValeKoer @TMD

Hair & Base / Unorthodox  *NEWW* 

Sweater / Benjaminz @TMD

Pants / Razor @TMD

Sneakers / [Shoeminati] 

Vintage Tokyo

Vintage Tokyo

What I’m Wearing 

Beanie / BUC @Kustom9

Hairbase / Unorthodox

Beard / Unorthodox

Necklace / BUC  no longer available 

Sweater / Wonton @Kustom9 

Pants / Pumpkin

Sneakers / Shoeminati *NEWW*

Check out Winter’s credits here

Ten Walls


What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / Shoeminati *NEWW*

Jacket / :GB: @CCB 

Pants / Redgrave 

Sneakers / Flite @Uber 

Chain / 2nd Avenue 

For What Keone Is Wearing Click Here 

Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

What I’m Wearing

Hairbase & Beard / Unorthodox 

Beanie / 2Byte @TMD

Snowboard / BUC *RARE* @WinterTrend

Chain / Shoeminati

Sweater / CheerNo *NEWW*

Jeans / Excellence 

Gloves / Flite *NEWW*

Sneakers / Nikotin *RARE*

The Camera Flash Hurts My Eyes

The Camera Flash Hurts My Eyes

What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / BANG 

Downvest / Mikunch @TMD

Pants / KalRau

Sneakers / Shoeminati *NEWW*

Neck Tattoo / Bolson 

Tell Em

Like What?

What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / Flite *N/A*

Hairbase / Unorthodox

Beard / Unorthodox

Chain / Shoeminati @TGM

Parka / ValeKoer @Kustom9 

Bag / Xin @XSF

Pants / SpiritStore

Boots / Benjaminz *NEWW*

Eye On The Prize

Eye On The Prize

What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / Xin 

Beard / Unorthodox 

Hoodie / Excellence *NEWW*

Hands / CheerNo V4

Watch / Vale Koer @TMD 

Pants / R3

Sneakers / Shoeminati 

Pose / Unorthodox 


SchoolBoy T


On Tyrell

Bucket Hat / BUC @The Showroom

Eyes / Blow-Up @BodyModExpo

Tattoo / Endless Pain @BodyModExpo

Watch / FLite

Chain / LAU

Shirt / Atoms Tokyo *NEWW*

Pants / Excellence 

Sneakers / Shoeminati *NEWW*