The last Of The Struggle

A Picture Of Pure Struggle

What I’m Wearing

Laces Snapback / Luxe

Herringbone Necklace / Shoeminati

Struggle Tattoo / SwaggedOut *NEWW*

BlkWatch / Blk2.0

Scuba Pants / Vale Koer @TMD

The Beezy Boosts / Vale Koer

Summer Vib’n

Summer Vib'n

What I’m Wearing 

Trill HB Design Hairbase / Unorthodox

Tuff Beard / Unorthodox 

Benz Necklace / LAU *NEWW*

AK Bracelet / Benjaminz 

Drowning Tattoo / SwaggedOut *NEWW*

BLKWatch / BLK2.0 @TheShowroom

Loral Bay Shorts / BUC @TMD

When The Baseline Hits

11297536_837160246372500_1373003293_oWhat I’m Wearing 

Vicious Facial Hair / Unorthodox 

FWU Hairbase / Unorthodox 

Roth Beanie / BUC

Spirit Of Bali Tattoo / SwaggedOut 

Scapular Necklace / Flow. 

Denim Zip Up Jacket / ::GB:: @Kustom9

Raw Exhaust Fade Jeans / Represent 

Beezy Sneakers / ValeKoer @Kustom9

For Jhene’s Look Click Here

Lets Have An Episode

Lets Have An Episode

What I’m Wearing

Hairbase / Unorthodox 

Beard / Unorthodox

Chains & Watch / Benjaminz @TMD

Sleeveless Top / Represent @TSS

Jeans / Represent  

Boots / Nikotin @TCF

Tattoo / SwaggedOut 

Trvp LA

Trvp LA

What I’m Wearing

Snapback / BUC @TMD

Chain / Shoeminati 

Tattoo / SwaggedOut @TheSkinFair 

Shirt / PR. *NEWW*

Watch / Benjaminz

Shorts / Dozee

Sneakers / 2REAL *NEWW*

Black Yayo


What I’m Wearing

Snapback / Luxe @OMGacha

Chain / BUC @ProjectLimited

Chains / Benjaminz

Tattoo / SwaggedOut TMP Applier *NEWW*

Watch / Xin

Bracelet / BUC @ProjectLimited 

Pants / Excellence *NEWW*

Boots / ValeKoer @TMD

Skateboard / BUC @OMGacha

Thy Star

Thy Star

What I’m Wearing

Beard / Unorthodox

Beanie / SwaggedOut

Jacket / Excellence *NEWW*

Pants / Dossier *NEWW*

Watch / Vale Koer

Sneakers / Flite @Uber

You’re Looking For Me But Im Right Here

You're Looking For Me But Im Right Here

What I’m Wearing

Snapback / Flite N/A

Chain / BUC x Benjaminz @Kustom9

Watch / ValeKoer

Tattoo / SwaggedOut *NEWW*

Pants / Excellence 

Sneakers  / Flite 

Pose / Pose Maniacs *NEWW* Trey 



What I’m Wearing 

Beanie / BUC

Chain / POMPOSITY @J&A Expo 

Tattoos / SwaggedOut @Room69

Pants / NerdMonkey *NEWW*

Rings & Bracelet / BlvckAnchor  @J&A Expo 

Sneakers / Flite @Uber

Watch / ValeKoer 



What I’m Wearing 

Snapback / Bang 

Tattoo / SwaggedOut *NEWW* 

Shirt / GAS *Neww*

Pants / Excellence 

Boots / Nikotin

Bracelet & Watch / Benjaminz 

Necklace / Flow 

Beard / Unorthodox 

Hairbase / Unorthodox


On The Set

On The Set

What Im Wearing

Strapback / BUC @Kustom9

Hoodie / Excellence *NEWW*

Pants / Kal Rau

Sneakers / Flite @Kustom9

Tattoo / SwaggedOut @ L’Atelier

Sir Scruffs

Sir Scruffs.1

On Romeo

Snapback / BANG [Marketplace]

Beard / Deco *NEWW*

Chain / LAU

Jacket / Xin @Fameshed

Pants / SpiritStore

Sneakers / FLite @TMD [OctoberRound]

Ring / .:E.A.Studio:. @TheBodyModExpo

Tattoo / SwaggedOut

Can I Hold That?

Can I Hold That?

On Romeo 

Snapback / BUC

Hair / Xin [Group Gift] 

Tattoo /  SwaggedOut *Neww*

Bracelet / Sabotage

Backpack / Benjaminz @TheGachaMania

Flask / FLite @Secret Affair 

Watch / FLite @Kustom9

Shorts / Grandeur 

Sneakers / FLite @Kustom9

Sin City District


On Romeo

Hairbase / Unorthodox

Eyes / .Random.Matter. @District5 IndustrialCompoundArea

Ears / CheerNo

Mask / SwaggedOut @District5 SinCityArea

Hoodie / SwaggedOut @District5 SinCityArea

Pants / Barmaley *NEWW*

Poses / L A U


Beach Bum

Beach Bum_002

On Romeo

Hairbase / Unorthodox

Beard / Unorthodox

Tattoo / Swagged Out @District5 *SinCity*

Shorts / Flow *NEWW*

Feet / CheerNo