Me, Myself & I

Trip_001 (1)

when i was down, when i was down where was you at?

when i was down, when i was down where was you at?

as long as i kept my cash out (cash out) all i need is me, myself and I

i lost my trust when i gave it out (i gave it out)

now ill never let it slide as long as i kept my cash out (cash out)

all i need is me, myself and I i lost my trust when i gave it out (i gave it out)

now ill never let it slide ohh i seen all of these changes thats where i wanna be

I have bad bitches at my door i cannot trust anymore ever since you left through that door

Lamar Hair / Y-U 

Kazuki Goatee / Volkstone @NeoJapan

Real Eyes Tattoo / Speakeasy @Limit8

Lroah Ring -gold(L) Signature / BJewla @Mainstore

Mains Boxers / Fli. @Mainstore

[18k] Diamond Tags / Vexiin

Rope Bracelet 18k / Vexiin 

Thermal Socks / Vale Koer ‘Group Gift’ 

 Ankle Sprinters / Semller @TMD

Malcom Pose / Animosity 

 ‘Bunkbed (Light)’ Sleep Over Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘Retro-Brick Lamp’ Sleepover Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

PlayHard. Bottle FATPACK / Xenials

‘Cube Chair (incomplete)’ Sleepover Set / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘CTRL Table’ Sleep Over Set (5 Texture Options) / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed

‘Retro Robot’ Sleepover Set (6 Texture Options) / [Bad Unicorn]  @Fameshed

‘Lag’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn] 

‘Noob’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn] 

‘Try-Hard’ HYPE-R GAMER QUOTES (fatpack only) / [Bad Unicorn]

Mary Janes ‘Nuggets Bowl’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Mary Janes ‘Grinder’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Mary Janes ‘Lisp Lighter’ / [Bad Unicorn x Birch] 

Shirihama Stilt House / [Bad Unicorn] @TMD

NOMAD // R.C Racing Game

Mates Pizza / [Bad Unicorn] 


And when i’m gone you won’t see me, Unless you give me a reason

Snapshot_003 (7)

V12, I got a need for speed (skrt, skrt)
Only time I’m slowing down is in between her knees (uh-huh)
Might tell her ass to leave when I need to breathe (woah)
Lil Metro on the beat, push the keys with ease
I flew out every airport, of course, God is my source (source)
When you do the numbers it gets taxing of course (course)
Somehow I just kept it twenty-five times four (woah)
Kill the shows, kill the pussy, they both want an encore (woah)
Like go Don, go (go)
Gave everybody ’round me jobs
Fuck a job corps, bitch we on the top floor (top)
Working like we still tryna get it off the ground though (woah)
And if you not contributing, bitch, then fuck you ’round for? (huh?)
And if I split these blessings with you, you my brother (you my brother)
If I don’t text you back then I don’t trust you (then I don’t trust you)
If I pick up on the first brrt I love you (yeah, I love you)
And if I tell you all my secrets, you my lover, yeah yeah

Black Long Tape 5 Panel Backwards / FLI 

James Mesh Beard / Volkstone 

FW18 LongLine – B / Xenials @MOM

Flame Tattoo / Speakeasy @KinkyEvent

 Utility Jeans “Gianni, Fatpack” / REPRESENT 

Merit Diamond Watch (18k) / [VEX] 

Crusin’ Prop w/poses (CAR) / Animosity @MOM

Cinderella Boots / Vale Koer @N21

Thermal Socks / Vale Koer *Group Gift*

yokocho backdrop / [ isuka ] 

Drive-in Speaker (12 Texture options) / [Bad Unicorn] @Fameshed


Noches de Bohemia


-.On Lenn.- (Left)

Hair: DOUX – Rhonda @TheDarkness – NEW

Tattoo: *Bolson – Charlie @TMD – NEW

Jacket: AMITOMO – Shoulder Denim Jacket

Top:  C´est la Vie! – Febe – NEW

Skirt: Imbue – Nysa velvet Skirt @Cover – NEW

Sandals: Fri. – Edie

Bag: ANE – Arida


Necklace: Meva – Fusion Necklace


-.On me.- (Right)

Hair: Opale  – Linda

Skin: .:[PUMEC] :. – .DIANA:. @MBA – NEW

Lipstick: Studio Exposure – Botox Set Special Nude Glossy – NEW

Cardigan: ISON – Agnes

Top: Lowen – Anitta Velvet @Tres Chic – NEW

Skirt: KITJA – Lisa @UBER – NEW

Sandals: Bleich – Phoebe @Ultra Event – NEW

Bag: =Zenith= – leather picnic

Necklace: MG – Silver Drop with Turquoise

Necklace: MG – Babette – Combo Medium

Rings: Amala – The Alaska Rings

Scenary: Pseudo – Inked Corner Scene @Sanarae – NEW

One more day


Head: Genesis Lab – Jane

Skin: Genesis Lab – Halle (Toffee)

Headwrap: fiore –  Richa

Top: Bens Beauty – Lykie Ruffle

 Pants: Emery Mesh Printed Pants Sacramento Royal

Shoes: ISON –  Olivia (Bright Colours Hud)

Clutch: // SEUL \\ Bridged Box (Turquoise)

Choker: David Heather -Diana (Gold)

Earrings & Bracelets: Mandala -Haramita Set -season2 – NEW

Pose:  FLORES – Pack 1 (By Flor Held) – NEW

The L Train







Mesh Head: Catwa Stanley – NOW @ The Ultra Event

Skin Applier: Stray Dog – Tyson 08 – NEWW @ MOM

Beard Applier: L’etre – Harlow Catwa Beard

Hat: Paid – Off White Cap (Marketplace)

Necklaces: Bjewla – Bface Bill pendant / MoneyRoll Pendant / GDolla $ign Pendant/ NEWW

Shirt: Semller – Vintage Band Shirt

Bag: Bjewla – Jairaj x Jewla – Fanny 01 – NEWW

Tattoo: Reach – Dark Side Tattoo – NEWW @ MOM

Pants: Treachery x Sabotage – off White Denim – NEWW @ N21

Knee Pads – Semller – Got you covered Knee Pads ( Gacha) NOW @ The Rewind Event

Shoes: Vale Koer – Retro Dunks – NEWW @ TMD

Vitamin Water – Epique – Energy Drink Cherry

Skateboard: UFO – Vlone Skateboard    (Marketplace)

Backdrop & Pose – FOXCITY – Photo Booth – Destination London – NOW @ eBento

Dim Lights



etre 2






Skin: Stray Dog – Frank – 09 – NEWW @ The Ultra Event

Featuring Stray Dog’s NEW BODY appliers coming very soon

Mesh Head – Catwa – Stanley – NEWW @ The Ultra Event

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake Mesh Body – NEWW

Brows: Volkstone – Josh Eyebrows – Free Gift

Hair: No Match – No waste Hair – NEWW @ Hairology

Beard Tattoo: L’etre – Harlow Beard

Beard Mesh – L’etre – Big Mesh Beard

Necklace: Blupr/nt – YSL Rope chain – NEWW

Tattoo: Isuka – Alvena – NEWW @ The Ultra Event

Pants: Sabotage – Searing Denim

Shoes: Vale Koer – Flash Pump Trainers – NEWW @ The Ultra Event

Backdrop: Schitt – Vape Backdrop Neww

Couch: Bazar – Berlin Sofa – NEWW @ 6 republic


Blog Post #415
My Outfit !

Glasses : LEN$[– 01 – Onyx (Sponsored)

Chains : [VEX] Finesque Necklace Fatpack (Sponsored)

Coat : SEUL – Military Brat Parka – Camo

Shirt : -David Heather-Ever Shirt SE/Black2 @80s Rewind Event

Pants : -David Heather-Ever Trousers SE/Black @80s Rewind Event

Bag : Faresse// Duffle Bag FP (Unavailable)

Shoes : -David Heather-Prado Oxfords/Black

baby love 2


baby love



Featuring Belleza’s New male mesh body which debut’s today. The body comes with a fully functional hud and bento Hands, Omega compatible, Materials, comes with 7 body shades.


Mesh Head: Catwa – Stanley – NEWW @ The Ultra Event 5-15

Mesh Body: Belleza – Jake Mesh Body – NEWW

Skin: Bold & Beauty – Sebastian – NEWW Tone 10

Hair: Discord Designs – Nita

Facial Hair – CDC – 31 Catwa beard applier

Tattoo: Isuka – Alvena Tattoo – NEWW @ The Ultra Event

Shorts: Belleza – Jake Shorts Maroon – NEWW

Babies By Black Bantam

Gamer’s Haven









Links at the bottom of the post!!!!!!!!!!
Bedroom Area:

Bed – The Loft – Verne Bed NEWW @ Fameshed

Side Table – The Loft Verne Side Table NEWW @ Fameshed

Rug: The Loft – Corvus Hide Rug NEWW @ Fameshed

Laptop: Sorgo – N* Laptop (Gacha)

Earphones: Bazar – Stockholm Headphones

Papers: Sorgo – Paper stack RARE

Books: Random Matter – Dorm Life Text Books

Pens & Pencils – Sorgo (Gacha)

Pizza Unavailable

Items On side Table #1:

Horn: The Loft – Verne Metal Horn NEW @ Fameshed

Clock: The Loft – Verne Marble Clock – NEWW

Cookies: Bad Unicorn – Mary Janes Noel’s Cookies – Now @ Epiphany

Phone: Bad Unicorn – Mary Janes IDOOB Phone – Now @ Epiphany
Side Table #2

Phone Dock: Bad Unicorn – Mary Janes Dock Radio – Now @ Epiphany

Cd’s – CDA – Daddy’s Mix

Selfie Stick & Charger – Sorgo – Gacha

Plant: The Loft – Verne Eucalyptus Vase NEW @ Fameshed
Pictures: The Loft – Eye by Media City / Model Head by reidy68 @ Fameshed
Floor Lamp: Soy – Three Legged Floor Lamp

Picture on Floor: Ariskea – Motivation Frame
Gaming Station:

ON Floor:

Clothing – Tres Blah – Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes

Soda: Lost Junction – Tasty eats – soda

Vitamin Waters: Epique Energy Drinks

Paperballs: Sorgo – Paperballs

Cereal Bowl: Dust Bunny – Bowl of cereal

Box of cereal: Macbain – Open Mesh Box
Bag: Noir – Travor Toolbag Closed – NEWW @ TMD

Gaming Station:

Computer Tower – Elite Gaming Rig

Chair – Elite Racer Chair RARE

Headphones: Elite Gamer Headset

Desk: ELite Gamer Desk Black

Computer Screen: Elite Gamer Monitor

Keyboard: Elite Gamer Keyboard Rainbow

Mousepad: Elite Gamer Mousepad

By Vexiin – Can be found at the Mainstore

On Desk:

Pringles: Potato Chips – Pixelwear

Cup of noodles: Sorgo – Noodle Soup RARE

Speaker: Sayo – Poppin Pills Speaker

Candy spilled: Little Bones – Candy Mess (Gacha)

Bowl of Chips: Sorgo – Potato Chips bowl

Soda can/ candy/ chips : Tres Blah – Slumber party Snacks

Graphics Tablet: Kunst – Design Tablet

Sorgo – External Disk

Watch: Sorgo – watch (gacha)

Phone: Sorgo Blackblury Rare


Teleport Links Below!

The Loft






Little Bones

Tres Blah





Random Matter

Bad Unicorn







Vintage Soul

Vintage SoulItaly shoes

Hair: #Foxy – Antissa. (Ombres) @Bloom event – NEW

Skin: L’ETRE – Adachi – NEW

Top: Tee*fy Skye Off Shoulder  (Floral) @Collabor88 – NEW

Pants: SPIRIT – Gree pants  (Red)- @Collabor88 NEW

Shoes: Essenz – Italy @Black fairNEW

Clutch: David Heather – Ricci (Nude)

Necklace: Realevil – Clara

Glasses: MINIMAL – CMORE Glasses *2* Gacha (Gold) @The Chapter Four NEW


Guccism - Blog Post #398


Blog Post #398

My Outfit !

Headband : 4// Wool Headband 01 NEWW (Sponsored)

Chain : [VEX] 18k Cuban Diamond Necklace(12inch)

Jacket : [ h ] Mesh Trucker Jacket – Classic Blue (Customly Textured)

Bag : 4// GG Messenger Bags (M&F) NEWW (Sponsored)

Jeans : not so bad . mesh . TIMEO jeans . used stone



Cold Midnight

Madrugada Fria Coat: COCO - HoodedCoat Black (Option w hair too) Dress: Asteria - Sassy @ Cosmopolitan Skin: Egozy - Harlow NEW (face with vitiligo) Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Positano Night Jewel Cigs: Nikotin - Cigarette_Peace & Love (v.4)

The Let Out

The Let Outthe let out


the let out 2


the let out 3


Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel

Skin Applier: Bold & Beauty – Xin – NEWW

Hair: Xclusive Co – Fung Swae Lockks – NEWW

Brows: Unorthodox – Bonez Eyebrows – NEWW

Beard: Cdc – Catwa Beard 31

Jacket: Yoshimoto -Rainy Coat – Last Chance – @ Tmd 3-5-17

Pants: Hoorenbeek – Cargo Pants – NEWW @ Ultra Event March Round

Shoes: Vale Koer – Lumbertrail Boots

Backdrop: Pseudo – Club Trouble Scene – NEWW @ Sanarae – March Round







The Blog post is Dedicated to NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body. The newest body on the grid great from Slim to thick athletic build. The body has four hand poses, materials, over 230 alpha cuts, compatible with slink hands and feet, and also has omega compatibility.
Mesh Body: Nx-Nardcotix – David NEWW

Skin: L’etre – Victor Golden Tone – NEWW

Hair: Bade – Dexter

Brows: Unorthodox – Bush Eyebrows

Hairbase: Unorthodox – Come Back Hairbase

Ears: Swallow – Punky Ears

Beard: CDC – Catwa Beard 31

Necklace: Se7en – Hu$tle Chain – @ The Popup Shop

Watch – Vexiin – Luxor Diamond Watch – NEWW @ Tres Chic

Tattoo: Prodigy ink – Beckham Tattoo

Still Alive


Hair: pr!tty – April Short (Basics , RARE) @The Chapter Four  – NEW

Lipstick: Shakeup! – Tabatha catwa(Naturals) @Cosmetic Fair 2017 – NEW  

Moles: Shakeup! – Moles for Catwa @Cosmetic Fair 2017 – NEW

Cardigan: ISON – Agnes (sand) @C88 – NEW

Silk Slip: ISON – Faye  (black) @C88 – NEW

Booties: Momento. walker heels RARE @K9 – NEW

Scenary: Bad Unicorn B-Block Backdrops – B1  @TMD – NEW