There is something rotten inside of me

Primo Mode


Mesh head : Lelutka Guy| Lelutka

Mesh Body : [SIGNATURE] Gianni  | SIGNATURE

Skin head : [ session ] Tom Tone02|[ session ]

Skin Body : [ session ] Gianni Male Body Skin – Tone02| [ session ]

Hairbase : f u o e y . Diego Hairbase |f u o e y


Eyes : SU Phantom Eyes V.2 Group Gift| SU

Septum : SU Triple Ring Septum Piercing Group Gift| SU

Nose Bandage : [dispute] Beaten up – Bandage | [dispute]

Necklace : [Figure 8] G.O.A.T Necklace Full Gold|[Figure 8]

Scars : MESHMAFIA – Ill Head Tattoo  &  Nipsey Head Tattoo | Mesh Mafia

Jacket : Ascend Aiden Racer Leather Jacket | TMD

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